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26th Sep 2003, 12:33
I'm new to this forum. But I check the german TS2 forum everyday. I like it especially because we have something that you don't: a forumsranking. Me and ten other guys from Germany, Austria and Holland have a ranking of all 66 arcade and challengelevels and the old schoolgames and are trying to improve our scores and rankings whenever we can. Now, we ain't elitesplitters but average gamers, like you I suppose. And that's the fun of it: we can always improve our scores to climb up in the rankings. And we don't cheat, we play it fair.
Why not check it out and compare your scores with ours? You think you're good? Well check how good you really are...:D

Want to see it?
Klick german flag,
Community, foren, timesplitters 2, Wichtig: forumsranking.

Ps: all the levels have their german names, but have the same order as the game. So should be no big problem.

Regards, Robin.

28th Sep 2003, 22:35
A quick link to the Forums-Ranking:


29th Sep 2003, 10:16
Aah, thanks Robofishzombie. That's great I could'nt have done it myself. Did you like the Forumsranking?

regards, Robin.

29th Sep 2003, 16:46
:D ull have to start one of those here :D i think i got some good times to match some of those stated there :D

29th Sep 2003, 22:11
For reference, here are the German and English level names.
English names are in red


Adios Amigos - Adios Amigos
Todesfälle - Casualty
Teufelskerle - Top Shot
Sparring - Chastity Chased
Verloren im Eis - Shrinking from the Cold
Altmetall - Scrap Metal
Nachtschicht - Night Shift
Kriegsbeute - Spoils of War
Zerstörungswut - Demolition Derby
Affen Klatschen - Monkey Immolation
Disco-Inferno - Disco Inferno
Feuerwehr - Burns Department
Club-Soda - Club Soda
Stationsgefecht - Station Stand
Men in Grey - Men in Grey


Leichenparty - Cold Corpse Caper
Killer Queen - Killer Queen
R109 Beta - R-109 Beta
Knack und Back - Baking for the Taking
Braces der Berserker - Brace Yourself
Starship Whoopers - Starship Whoopers
Chinesenkokelei - Chinese Burns
Schneehasser - Snow Business
Raketengeballer - Rocket Man
Dafür wird jemand bezahlen - Someone Has Got To Pay
Ein Piercing in Ehren - Time to Split
Nicht mit mir - Can't Handle This
Hacker-Hatz - Hack a Hacker
Reis-Kräcker sind lecker - Rice Cracker Rush
Kein Sprit-keine Flucht - Superfly Lady


Weiber in den Wäldern - Babes in the Woods
Zahltag - Double Bill
Nikki,Jinki und die Ziegel - Nikki Jinki Bricky
Wenn Ich hässlich bin, stinkst du! - If I'm Ugly - You Smell!
Golem Guru - Golem Guru
Goldene Schenkel - Golden Thighs
Hallali im Hangar - Hangar Hat's Off!
Eine Frage des Geschmacks - Can't Please Everyone
Die letzte Vorstellung - Big Top Blowout
Jede Menge Bags - Bags of Fun
Haustiere - They're Not Pets!
Nichts als Müll - Nice Threads
Atzteken gegen Dinos - Aztec the Dino Hunter
Experimente - Half Death
Dead Faction - Dread Fraction


Scherben bringen Glück - Pane in the Neck
Improvisation - Bricking It
Fleckentferner - Stain Removal
Tod den lebenden Toten - Fight Off The Living Dead
Sergios letzter Kampf - Sergio's Last Stand
Tag der Verdammten - Day of the Dammed
Leise aber tödlich - Silent But Deadly
Ärger an den Docks - Trouble at the Docks
Flucht aus Neo Tokio - Escape from NeoTokyo
Alles Banane - Gone Bananas
Affenzirkus - Monkey Business
Spiel mit dem Feuer - Playing With Fire
High Noon - Take 'em Down
Auf der Flucht - Fall Out
Die Wahl der Waffen - Pick Yer Piece
Strassen - Badass Buspass Impasse
Müllhalde - But Where do the Batteries Go?
Krankenhaus - Hit Me Baby One Morgue Time
Scherben bringen Glück - Simian Shootout
Affen-Albtraum - Monkey Mayhem
Dammbruch - Dam Bursters

30th Sep 2003, 08:34
That was a hell of a job, Robofishzombie.
Seems you like the Ranking, too
Noticed that Turtle1210 ist almost nr. 1 at all levels? He's soo good!
****: I beated his time (1.11.6) of CLUB Soda last weekend (1.11.4), and he immedeately beated my time again yesterday (1.10.2), so he's at top again...
But I'll crack his time again, count on that.
The only single record I still have is Nicky, Jinky, Bricky.

Regards, Robin.

1st Oct 2003, 03:40
Originally posted by the_internet_king
:D ull have to start one of those here :D i think i got some good times to match some of those stated there :D
I've set one up :D

Although it took three posts to stay under the 5000 characters per post limit :rolleyes: