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26th Sep 2003, 02:18
Another person recently had a post that was closed questioning Catman's moderator abilities. The rest of the thread was devoted to talking about multiplayer in IW. While I think the arguments placed by the others were accurate that Invisible War does not need MP, I would also agree with their logic behind Catman's rejection of the thread. Unfortunately though, I do agree with the poster that the Catman is not impartial.

I replied to a message a month ago from someone who made a ridiculously prejudiced remark towards the Deus Ex community. I didn't make a flame, but tried to remark on the post so that the person could see the errors of their ways. I was very unhappy to see that Catman had denied my post, since he had left up the other person's remark. I understand that my post would have probably produced a flame war and so I would have been fine with him closing the whole thread, which is sort of what I was suggesting with my post, but instead it remained up here. Due to this, I stopped coming here and only recently returned to see what was new with the game and had hoped for a release date to have been posted. Upon seeing Foot#'s post I felt that I needed to remark on this. I don't know if this thread will remain up, but I did feel that something should have been said then, and may as well be now.

I did know Catman in real life, as he was my English professor, and I found him to be a good man if not a great professor. I must say though, that I was really disappointed with his choice on that day. Such is life I guess... though I do know that opinions similar to that post's are prevalent in Ames, I just thought he was above them.

26th Sep 2003, 07:32
hmm I'm not sure I can see the utility of this post (or maybe it could start a flamewar, who knows), but i am SURE it should have been posted in the Community forum

26th Sep 2003, 09:45
I agree with Catman from both posssibilities' point of view.

>If Catman closed the thread on grounds of it being multiplayer, i agree it should've been closed because 1) the MP debate has been going on for very long, and leads nowhere. 2) Most people that actually care about the game (not those people that make an account on purpose to come here and criticize the publisher because the developer is not including MP) already established perfectly valied reasons as to why MP should not be included, while iliterate and irate one-post "fans" haven't. And 3) Warren Spector already stated there won't be MP. That alone is reason enough to disregard MP topics, as they won't lead to anything but aggravation.

>If Catman chose to close the thread based on someone questioning his moderator abilities, i also agree with him. Questioning someone's abilities should be done to the employer, (in this case the staff of Eidos Forums), not in the "public eye".

26th Sep 2003, 13:17
I quote from the Community Rules:
All questions or remarks regarding closed or deleted threads must be e-mailed privately to the moderator who performed this action. Further any discussion of these rules is to be held through the Administrators or Moderators, via e-mail, and not on the forums themselves.For those who do not know, the administrators are RedLegg (http://forums.eidosgames.com/member.php?s=&action=getinfo&userid=2) and Grey Mouser (http://forums.eidosgames.com/member.php?s=&action=getinfo&userid=3).

Note that any complaints to sent to them must include specific details if you hope to see any results.