View Full Version : im stuck in paris

25th Sep 2003, 23:37
hi i went to the pornshop is were renne is i ment to deliver passports to him .but somebody has shot him ..theres a trap door there and a bleeping like a bomb where do i go from here?

Veronica Ma
25th Sep 2003, 23:52
Did you pick up Renne's wallet yet?

25th Sep 2003, 23:57
i collected that from the floor where renne was lying, rennes to give him the passports and collect wepons Deserthawk am i ment to go back to the guy in the sewers again.?

26th Sep 2003, 00:22
Hi there,

Have you "used" the wallet yet to get the code for the door?

26th Sep 2003, 00:35
yes i have it open wepon locker got myself blowen up twice i thought that cadgit was a time bomb hmmmmm Deserthawk

Lone Raider
26th Sep 2003, 06:32
;) It's a PAWNshop...
When you've picked up the last item in the safe-room, the bomb activates.
As soon as you can move Lara, press the button in the room to get back out, run to the trapdoor, open it, jump down, and outrun the explosion. If you do it right, Lara ends up a bit singed but alive in a boat.