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25th Sep 2003, 03:40
I was editing this pic of Raziel, and i Hued him to multiple colors, and i wondered "Would Raziel look cool if he wasnt blue?"

Soo i took PS7 and started to edit him, i changed the color blue to another color to see how it would look like if we knew Raziel as another color, not the blue.






And i got to admit, Raziel in green looks cool (although i would stick to blue).

Wich one would you prefer if we didnt know raziel as a blue assasin?

PS: They were taken off from gamespot, thats why it says gamespot at the bottom, lol

25th Sep 2003, 04:59
I'd probably have to go with green, too. But then, I really do prefer him in the usual blue. http://www.imagemagician.com/images/rook/wayfarer/blue_biggrin.gif

25th Sep 2003, 14:35
i think it would be cool to see raz's color change when he uses a different reaver ability to reflect that ability.


25th Sep 2003, 17:10
Originally posted by Reaper007
i think it would be cool to see raz's color change when he uses a different reaver ability to reflect that ability.


Nah.. that'd be totally tacky IMO.

25th Sep 2003, 19:12
Nah, i think blue is the perfect color, but im just saying if he wasnt, what color would he be? lol

Anyways, if he changed colors all the time it would be called "Fruity Reaver" wich wouldnt be good.

LoL, now that i look at it, i can say 1 thing... Tricks are for kids, lol

25th Sep 2003, 23:23
Because the Kain/Amplified Reaver doesn't render well on the PC (it's white instead of black) I've loveingly called it the 'Strawberry Reaver'.

Evelin The Winged
27th Nov 2003, 14:00
I'd go for green, since it's my second favorite color...but I think I prefer Blue. It's my first favorite.:D

27th Nov 2003, 14:32
Naw, It's gotta be blue I tell ya. :)

28th Nov 2003, 09:22
The second and the fifth is the best. Don't you guys think that Raziel's color is closer to green in SR1 ?

- SpiritShift -
29th Nov 2003, 12:09
Multi-hued Raziel?

**has visions of the horse of many colours from The Wizard of Oz...**

Hmm. Definitely blue. :)

29th Nov 2003, 12:43
Blue is the best... but black would be nice too :)

29th Nov 2003, 17:13
Blue!!! It brings out Raziel's eyes.


29th Nov 2003, 17:55
Thanks to Trelela i try to make it Black. But it looked horrible cuz it was too dark (you couldnt see as much details) and it looked like he just came out of a building that was burning down.

BUT, i tried gray, I got to admit it but gray looks awsome! But i still prefer blue as the original. But not bad for a simple color as gray...


29th Nov 2003, 17:56
Besides-blue is my favorite color or colour (whichever u prefer) :)

30th Nov 2003, 21:56
And how about white? Can you show it?

1st Dec 2003, 03:44
Hummmm... It wouldnt look too good but it has better details than black, LOL


1st Dec 2003, 15:52
Hehe, he looks like ghost :D

1st Dec 2003, 19:38
A terrible idea : Shining green/yellow (just like your highlight pen)

lol, Christmas theme...

1st Dec 2003, 22:20
LoL, Talking about X-Mas, heres a Raziel X-Mas Style... hehehe...


2nd Dec 2003, 09:43
And were are the lamps? :D

2nd Dec 2003, 10:40
Yooo~o~~o~~o~~~I never think that X-mas Raziel will really appear :D

What will he do in this Christmas ?? Let's imagine... ... ...

unwished legacy
2nd Dec 2003, 15:41
I like the borwn one (second image), the Grey one looks awsome.

But I think he looks green when in Spectral during SR1.

It's hard to imagin him any other colour than blue, but I like the varients- good job mate :D

3rd Dec 2003, 17:08
That Christmas Raziel is hideous. I have to say that I always prefer blue. However, this was an interesting idea to explore Cold_Killer, and I must say beyond my capabilities.
I'm terrible with a computer. Shhh don't tell anyone. :D

Secret of God
12th Dec 2003, 00:22
Originally posted by Cold_Killer
Hummmm... It wouldnt look too good but it has better details than black, LOL


WHOA!!! That Raziel looks SO AWESOME! That would be even more incredible in conjunction with the Spirit Reaver !

12th Dec 2003, 06:33
Ah this one made me think about the X-ray version ...Raziel in X-Ray scanning... :p :p :p

13th Dec 2003, 23:09
Blue's the best, but what would clear look like(You know, kinda glassy and see through like Reptile in Mortal Kombat the movie)?

14th Dec 2003, 00:05
how about (when in spectural) his body has a flame like (animated) effect, but in blue and white

in material he would be his normal blue "lovable" self though :D

14th Dec 2003, 03:42
Hmmmm, I like the flame idea, but it'd have to be done right, and not over done, we still want raz to be the center of attention. But it could look petty cool.

15th Dec 2003, 03:02
a flaming Raziel?(not Raziel the flamer, there is a difference, that one comes with the Drag Reaver :D) .......sounds cool..man..I'm liking the Christmas Raziel......

if someone could, make him hold a gift-box and have a santa hat!

19th Dec 2003, 15:05
I have another idea: Raziel in full plate mail? :D

20th Dec 2003, 06:30
destiny of kain, check out chris' happy holidays thread at the top of the page. its an "Important:" type topic so its always on top.

hes got kain and raziel in a snowglobe with santa hats. i personaly think they should each be holding Candy cane reavers:D.

20th Dec 2003, 22:24
lmao..thanks bro!