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24th Sep 2003, 01:22
The November 2003 PC Gamer Mag shows a tentative release date for Thief III of December 23, 2003. Of course the disclaimer in the column states that the company can always change the release date. There was no information other than the scheduled release date for the game, but I suppose it's something to keep our hopes up.

<big>Updated (8/19/2003) Thief Movie (http://www.filefront.com/r.b/page__file_info/_filepath__/gamershell/movie/e3_2003_thief-hi.zip/_output.html) </big>

24th Sep 2003, 02:03
I doubt it would happen, but, oh my god, I could actually relive Xmas day 1999. The heart pumping adrenaline following excitement I felt playing thief for the first time. Well, almost.
[*sigh*]pure heaven contemplating Xmas playing[/*sigh*]

24th Sep 2003, 03:35
well, i know what i want for christmas!! :D

Tin Star
24th Sep 2003, 09:27
It would be nice to see it by then but I don't think it will happen before the New Year or Spring of 2004.

Tin Star

Whatz His Name
25th Sep 2003, 12:17
Hmmmm... I better start being a good little boy. :D

25th Sep 2003, 12:40
Originally posted by Whatz His Name
Hmmmm... I better start being a good little boy. :D

LOL then I doubt you'll be getting T3 for Xmas.....when do you behave yourself?

25th Sep 2003, 20:27
What do I get if I'm a bad, bad, naughty boy ? I really want'a know.




26th Sep 2003, 02:31
........a cold wet tent. How was your trip Howie?

26th Sep 2003, 11:58
Originally posted by Rommel_1891
well, i know what i want for christmas!! :D
A new computer !

26th Sep 2003, 16:49
Shouldn't this be in the Thief III forum?

26th Sep 2003, 20:14
Originally posted by littlek
........a cold wet tent. How was your trip Howie?

A cold wet tent is exactly it (http://www.wcnet.org/~howie/Cold wet tent.JPG)...well at least at the end of the trip. The first four days I was there it wassunny, a little windy, but warm. (http://www.wcnet.org/~howie/Bay%20Dunes.JPG) The last day it started raining after a tropic storm blew in off the ocean. It was suppose to go out to sea but it wasn't listening to the forcast and it swept up the coast. I had to drive about 300 miles through heavy rain before I could see the sun again. (http://www.wcnet.org/~howie/Stormy%20Escape.JPG)
Here are some other photos I took:

Atlantic Avenue (http://www.wcnet.org/~howie/Atlantic%20Avenue.JPG)

The Virginia Beach board walk before the hurricane got a hold of it (http://www.wcnet.org/~howie/Virginia%20Beach%20Boardwalk.JPG)

Beach photo. (http://www.wcnet.org/~howie/Lovers.JPG)

Ocean shot. (http://www.wcnet.org/~howie/Virigina%20Beach.JPG)

26th Sep 2003, 20:37
Howie, few will see your vacation pics in this thread. Can you start a new thread? I couldn't help but notice that your "beach" shots all included the ladies. LOL :D

Well on second thought...."Christmas release for T3" topic? EVERYONE will open this.

27th Sep 2003, 00:40
Nic pic's Howie although your camping site looks like it got hit with hail? Water sure looks nice and makes you feel like you want to get to your nearest beach! :) Actually I'll be getting close to the beaches soon as I'm driving down to San Diego to visit with my Daughter and her Husband for a week or two? I'm sure the sun will be shinning there although it's been pretty sunny and warm up here in Northern CA as well for awhile :) Ta and Good Hunting!

1st Oct 2003, 03:02
I found this updated Thief III (http://www.filefront.com/r.b/page__file_info/_filepath__/gamershell/movie/e3_2003_thief-hi.zip/_output.html) movie from File Front. The file says it was updated 8-19-2003. It really gets you in the mood for some night time action.

I don't why those ladies kept getting in the way of my photos littlek. ;)

Huntress. The photo of the rainy tent was a mistake on my part. I think its actually ash from the fire I had going that night but with the wind blowing the ash into the camera it looks like rain or hail. :)

9th Oct 2003, 11:24
Damn registration required.

9th Oct 2003, 22:29
It worked fine for me. :confused:

I also found some actual in game footage of thief 3 on a web site. You can see some of the weapons that will be used as Garrett strolls through the inventory including a dagger. I was surprised at how natural the guards moved in the one movie.

Thief 3 movies (http://mediaviewer.ign.com/ignMediaPage.jsp?channel_id=59&object_id=15244&adtag=network=ign&site=pchub&pagetype=medialist&page_title=Thief+III) If an ad comes up when you click the link look up in the right corner where it says "continue to thief movies" and the streaming video links will appear.

10th Oct 2003, 21:53
Thanks, that works.

Edit :

Wow, dynamic shadows!

If you watch "Playing cat and mouse" carefully, you can see the shadow of the guard on the floor, as he is walking.

In fact, it could give him away before you can actually see him.

13th Oct 2003, 07:35
Thanks for the link, Howie. Those clips really get me excited for T3!

13th Oct 2003, 21:50
Hmm Deus Ex 2 ought to be out in December too. Not Gold yet but I hear they are in the wrapping up stage right about now. Supposed to me more stealth in it. Same compamy making it ya know. :)

14th Oct 2003, 00:29
Originally posted by Rommel_1891
well, i know what i want for christmas!! :D Me too: An official announcement by the/our Queen during her speach on christmas day, informing us that T3 will be delayed until the end of april 2004! :)

1st Nov 2003, 07:50
mmmmmmm.............. Thief 3 out by Xmas, it's definitely a nice thought, but chances are it probably wont be out as ion storm have got to get deus ex: invis war out of the way first before they release thief upon the world. But then again, we can alway hope:D

1st Nov 2003, 20:29
Whenever Thief 3 comes out it will be Christmas, even if it's in July!!

1st Nov 2003, 23:40
LOL i totally agree

27th Dec 2003, 01:26
Well......I went out and bought my new pooter 3 weeks ago 'cos I thought Thief 3 would actually be released for Xmas......
Now I'm just so dejected.........*sigh*

28th Dec 2003, 14:15
its never a good idea to buy/upgrade your computer just based on a projected release date (for ANY computer game), especially if there have been no posts of it going gold, which occurs circa a month before street date. When the gold announcement occurs is a good time to start shopping. :)

1st Jan 2004, 17:59
well, Xmas has come and gone and we are still here. im -patiently waiting.:rolleyes:

1st Jan 2004, 23:02
We could all start drumming our fingers!?!

Tin Star
2nd Jan 2004, 03:26
I think we will hear something about a release date for thief 3 soon which I think will be released anytime between now and the end of april now that deus ex is out.

Tin Star:cool:

6th Jan 2004, 20:52
I asked at the software store a couple of weeks ago, and the release date they are carrying for T3 is June 2004.

Tin Star
7th Jan 2004, 04:06
I guess the only ones who know for sure when it will be released are the people who are working on it and they are not saying a word other then it will be released in 2004.

:cool: Tin Star

7th Jan 2004, 06:52
I think they're just messing with us so we'll keep playing TDP, TG, and T2... I bet there isn't a T3 at all!!! :mad:

A pistol nudges Rommel in the temple...

OOOH, my bad there IS a T3... It will be out when they feel like releasing it... :p ;) :D

7th Jan 2004, 11:46
I'm just glad that Deus Ex IW came out first. After the hugely negative outcry we can hope it will act as a wake up call for the dev's and maybe they won't dumb down T3.

Hey a girl can hope...

7th Jan 2004, 20:46
I asked at the software store a couple of weeks ago, and the release date they are carrying for T3 is June 2004.

retail stores aren't good references, as they'll frequently make up dates if an exact one hasn't been released.

I look at it as the release date of ALL software is effectively what only a couple of companies (id and working designs come to mind) have officially gone to: "when its done."

Tin Star
8th Jan 2004, 04:44
They have a small movie clip of thief III on the new deuse ex game and at the end of the movie clip it says thief III will be released in 2004 but just when in 2004 is anyones guess.

:cool: Tin Star