View Full Version : after the pawn shop

23rd Sep 2003, 22:47
okay I got out the club and the hideout. I tried to deliver the passports. i went to the pawnshop and cleared that but what happens next? I keep going in circles?

23rd Sep 2003, 22:57
But you went to the renne pawn shop?? if you go there you see that the man is death. you pick up a piece of paper that are in the floor next to the man, that paper have a few numbers, than you have a door,, put the numbers and the door opens, pick up all the things, when you pick up the last thing the bomb is activated, so you quickly press the button on your rigth, go out and in the floor you vahe a door, open the door and follow the tunel quickly, then you see a cutscene.

sorry if it is confused:)