View Full Version : How do i get map from my pc to ps2?

23rd Sep 2003, 14:59
I WANNA DOWNLOAD CUSTOM MAPS or story maps to my pc ,,so how do i get the maps onto the ps2 memory card from my pc.. i presume i use a standard usb cable into the ps2 from my pc turn them both on but where do i go from there, what directory should i put the maps into ?or do i have to get a card reader for my pc,.or connect my ps2 to a modem. is their a site that gives beginners instructions re.loading maps to memory card.? i,d appreciate any help.i think ts2 is brilliant ,,,i,d like to play more levels on it esecially in story mode.

23rd Sep 2003, 18:52
umm just use the mapmaker. Just go on a site like www.chriscomputers.com/ts2 Make them, it takes like 15 min.