View Full Version : Cradle of Life = Baldur's Gate + TR

23rd Sep 2003, 12:35
I just picked up a rather cheap copy of Baldur's Gate: Dark Alliance for PS2 (gotta love pre-owned) and am reading through the booklet as I munch my lunch at work.

The following caught my attention:

Baldur's Gate: Dark Alliance takes place in the world of Abeir-Toril (The phrase "Aber Toril" means "cradle of life" ...)

I'm hoping there are no creepy shadow fiends such as those that inhabit the TR-Realm of the Cradle of Life... ;) :D Or will they be much, much worse in BG: DA... :o

Marcus T
23rd Sep 2003, 20:34
I've got Baldur's Gate 1 & 2 for PC.. I've always wondered about Dark Alliance... is that a stand alone, or does it have any connection with the other Baldur's Gate games (released for PC)?

24th Sep 2003, 09:15
No connection to BG1/2 except the city I believe (lol been awhile..got it when it first came out..sold my PS2) It's very hack and slash like Diablo 2...well actually it pretty much is a fancy looking D2 lol

Marcus T
24th Sep 2003, 09:25
Sounds like my kind of game, I liked Diablo 2 :) I actually quite recently finished it (better late than never :D )

24th Sep 2003, 15:41
I should perhaps check the memory status of my PS2 card more often: Need to get a new memory card before there's any point in playing it! D'oh!

I haven't played any Baldur's Gate games before so trust it functions as a stand-alone. :D ;)

Marcus T
25th Sep 2003, 17:42
Indeed. ;) And, even though I have both original Baldur's Gate games, I have yet to play them myself... *sighs* lack of time. I'll devote some time to it soon enough tho, I always say that...

27th Sep 2003, 11:23
I loved both BG games a lot. I can't wait for to play (woah! what kind of strange form is that?) the Dark Alliance one...h'eventually! ;)

27th Sep 2003, 14:17
And I think soon DA2 should be out! Yay:D

Marcus T
28th Sep 2003, 22:39
Yep, it'll be out sometime around October/November ;)

29th Sep 2003, 12:09
Well now I have the card I suppose I should start playing. Especially if I like it, and there's another one out. :D :o

Marcus T
29th Sep 2003, 17:57
Go for it Acceber, go for it :D And by all means, let us know what you think ;)

Marcus T
5th Oct 2003, 13:11
I hear it's coming out for the Gameboy Advance. And since I have one of those... ;)


12th Oct 2003, 06:02
I also have BG. Can't remember which one right off hand, point is that I think it's a great game! Eventhough I've had very little time to play it. And the "Cradle of Life" thingy is sorta cool! by the way Hi Acce and Cat. :p ((((((((((((((((((((huggs)))))))))))))))))) to you both!

Marcus T
12th Oct 2003, 18:48
Say, were there more than one BG game released for the consoles?

Marcus T
28th Oct 2003, 21:37
Last week I came across the expansion for Baldur's Gate (for PC) - (Tales of the Swordcoast) cheaply. Today I got the expansion for Baldur's Gate II - Throne of Bhaal. Yes! (As they're a bit old, they can be hard to come by.) Now my Baldur's Gate collection is finally complete :D