View Full Version : Thanks for the help

23rd Sep 2003, 11:03
You know...

I thought this was a site that I could come to for assistance.

It sure started out like a site that had players that liked giving advice to other less talented players.

At least 7 of you looked at my problem, and if you did not know that would have been a better response than nothing.

Is there a new place to go to than here, for help?


23rd Sep 2003, 11:20
an answer has been given ;)

23rd Sep 2003, 11:25
No, there's no better place than here. :) This part of the forum is not too busy lately, you should have posted your question directly in the AOD forum, then you would have gotten more replies. The fact that nobody has replied means that nobody knew the answer.

23rd Sep 2003, 12:07
the community forum is the place where we can take a break from answering questions ;)