View Full Version : Actors on the site?

22nd Sep 2003, 23:17
Since I don't know what has happened to the official "ask Chris a Question" thread :confused: I guess I'll just post this as a new thread: Will we at some point see an actual cast list on the Defiance site, as we did with SR2?

22nd Sep 2003, 23:33
Yeah, at some point Im sure they will. But I think they may give certain surprises away if they list them now.

Umah Bloodomen
23rd Sep 2003, 02:16
darien ~ Because Chris is working a very hectic schedule he has stopped taking and answering questions and closed the question thread. When his schedule lets up and/or after the game is released, he will reopen it.

In the meantime, you can find the question thread (http://forums.eidosgames.com/showthread.php?s=&threadid=22352) in the LOK Archive.

23rd Sep 2003, 23:12
Good point, Warp... And if it isn't till after release, that's no skin off my nose! But as an actor (well, acting student!) it was cool to see the faces behind the voices... Voiceover work really interests me, if I can get into it, and so it's neat (to me, anyway) to start seeing more recognition of the actual actors involved in doing the dialogue for these games. Especially these, because these guys are great... :D

Good to know about the question thread. Didn't seem like there were many more useful questions anyway...

24th Sep 2003, 00:00
Totally agree dude, the 'behind-the-scenes' stuff was extremely interesting, not just to see the faces behind the voices :)