View Full Version : Demo??

Senor v2
22nd Sep 2003, 15:53
Is there anyway i can download a demo for whiplash??

Grey Mouser?? Jumpin Jebus???

22nd Sep 2003, 15:58
Whiplash is for Xbox & Playstation 2 so I doubt that there will be a demo that you can download ;)

Senor v2
23rd Sep 2003, 09:00
When do you think that they will bring out a demo in OPSM2?

23rd Sep 2003, 14:57
Sorry I don't know that. I don't work for Eidos so I have no inside information :)

Senor v2
23rd Sep 2003, 15:09
Oh well can't blame me for trying.

Umah Bloodomen
23rd Sep 2003, 16:27
From what I gather, there might not actually be a demo released. Crystal Dynamics seem to be focusing on the development and getting it out on shelves for October. (This wasn't *confirmed*, but implied).

Perhaps they will surprise us in early October? (Doesn't look like we're going to get a new LOKD demo either). :(

I'm a bit psyched to try Whiplash out though myself. Just something about Redmond being a *weapon of mass destruction* cracks me up. :p

Senor v2
23rd Sep 2003, 16:38
Hopefully they will release the demo in the aforementioned magazine (OPSM2) and i can get in the next issue, with my monthly subscription!