View Full Version : no co-op mode !!!

22nd Sep 2003, 14:30
why there is no co-op mode ???

commando was for me one of the best game thanks to the co-op mode... it was so funny to play the campaign with friends ...:mad:

i was so happy when i've seen the first screenshots that commando had keep the same style (graphics , gameplay ,etc...) but now we 've got a game like all the other game with death match, capture the flag, etc... i'm so sad that this game has followed the standard vision of a multiplayer game... that 'is to say shorts multiplayer games without background :(

maybe commando 5 will be a doom-like...:confused:
i'm loosing faith in finding a game that is a little bit different from the others...

today eidos has lost four custummers that was ready to buy the game .... :(

22nd Sep 2003, 15:26
There is already a thread on this: