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22nd Sep 2003, 12:37
Man I really dislike the PS2 controler it's good for games like tekken but it's crap for first person shooters (that's my opinion any way). I'd rather have a xbox S controler (not the big ones Man they really suck). does any one know if it's possible to connect a xbox controler to a Palystation2? Is there some kind of converter, I kone there are converters to connect a PS2 controler to a xbox. Or are there PS2 controlers that look like xbox controlers?

The big problem with the PS2 controlers is that the analogsticks are place in the wrong place!

Any one HELP!! My hands start to hurt allready. ;)

Captin Snow
22nd Sep 2003, 20:09
People need to understand, you can find ANYTHING on google.
The Adapter (http://www.levelsix.com/products/xbox/ps-xbox_adapter.shtml)

22nd Sep 2003, 21:36
gamecube controller works perfect with this game

22nd Sep 2003, 21:45
Originally posted by Captin Snow
People need to understand, you can find ANYTHING on google.

Of course anything can be found on Google (http://www.google.com), the difficuty is knowing what to search for.

And that's sometimes harder than you'd think ;)

22nd Sep 2003, 22:13
A philosophy you can set your life by. :D

25th Sep 2003, 19:48
that's not what I'm looking for I want to use a Xbox controler on a Playstation2 :(

Captin Snow
25th Sep 2003, 21:07
Well I looked again and came up with nothing. Sorry.