View Full Version : How ya all beeeen?

21st Sep 2003, 15:11
Thought id post a lil hello to all the peeps i used to chat with on here and all you new peeps too!

I been mega busy as usual so havent posted in AGES!!! Taken a quick look at the photos thread to catch up on you cute peeps too ... very nice!

How y'all doin here? Hope you all been good .. well not good ( a bit naughty is always better than good) but well .. hope you all well LOL

Hope i can catch up with you all some time for sure *waves*

21st Sep 2003, 15:25
BeKs! :D :eek: Is it really you? :D

I've been good. I'm busy too as usual now that the school year has started up again. Only have a chance to be on during the weekends now. :( Oh well, what can you do. lol

You should make sure to drop by at tr.be okay? :) ;)

And what all have you been up to, that's keeping you busy?

21st Sep 2003, 15:26
BEKS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! {{{{{{{{{{hugs}}}}}}}}}}}

how have you been hun!?

you've been missed :D and yes, stop by TR.be :)

21st Sep 2003, 15:35
Yay Hi you guys!!! Ive missed you both for sure.

I been busy at work trying to earn money for all my TR junk lol. Making a new Backpack too which i hope is gonna look kewl.

I got 3 photo shoots to sort before Christmas also so im really busy :( Hopefully it will be fun though :) I will pop over to TR.Be for sure also .. say hi to you all :)

21st Sep 2003, 15:39
aww lucky!! i wish i was going on photo shoots.

hows the lara pics comin? :)

21st Sep 2003, 15:45
Hehe the shoots will only be me and my B/f running about like idiots while im dressed up hehe.

I wanted to get new pics done before the summer finnished but too late now :( lol My problem is too many ideas and not any time lol Taken me over a year to get around to taking any more photos :(

21st Sep 2003, 15:53
aww {{{{hugs}}}}

hmm well how about taking some AoD Prague pics? that level was snowy i think ....

21st Sep 2003, 16:23
Just fly down to Antarctica and fight some genetically mutated freaks. ;) But then again...Lude is closer.... ;) :p

21st Sep 2003, 16:34
LOL Aquarius ... now ... *rummages through the closet* where DID i put those genetically mutated freak props??? *Sigh* those unwanted Christmas gifts .. you can never find em when you want em. :D

21st Sep 2003, 17:17

Hmmm....maybe they're in "The Basement" :eek:

DUN Dun dun..... ;)