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21st Sep 2003, 11:17
1) I've noticed something odd occasionally when I try taking over enemy segments. The enemy guards have the target symbol over their head with a cross through it. This makes them invulnerable or at least unable to be attacked. I'm not certain about the cause of this, I think it might happen when your soldiers are too far from your rooms to be able to draw on your energy reserves. I don't run into this much which is good since one time my troops got decimated by an army they couldn't retaliate against.

2) Are the space traders preset with how often they visit or will your fame make them come more often?

3) Other than dropping bombs next to them, is there any way of disposing of memau?

4) Each alien on the station has three stats: skill, dedication and loyalty. I'm thinking the first means how good they are at their job, the second means how long they stay on duty but what does the third mean? My best guess is it's either how long they stay employed after being hired or how much stuff like shootouts they will tolerate before taking off.

5) Finally, is there any fast way of offloading cargo into a cargo hold? If I've grabbed a half dozen items from the biodeck I want to be able to quickly dump them into a cargo hold rather than dropping them in slots individually.

21st Sep 2003, 15:39
1) Never seen that before, dunno.

2) They come back with a semi-random frequency. Some thing like 3-6 minutes upto 8-10 minutes depending on type of trader. I could give exact values but don't want to look it up in the script files. It's in there somewhere I'm just feeling lazy. :)

The first visit is normally pre-set (I think).

3) Let them starve to death and die. (read: have no litter)

Any why should you want to get rid of memau!? Other than the hold skrasher thing they make people happier and such. Just don't feed them and you're people will benifit!

Skill is thier ability at thier job.
Dedication is the time spent at job before going for loo/food/etc.
Loyalty it how shot-up in a fire-fight they'll get before running like a baby crying their eyes out. (Trans: High loyalty = fight to death, low loyalty = run away after only a few hits)

Loyalty is pretty useless on anyone who's not armed (ie, only useful on Targ, Grey, Hog and 'Gors)

5) Drop them on the floor and beam some mk3 scuzzers there, let them do it! (Ie, no)

21st Sep 2003, 22:44
Welcome, oh Holywhippet!

1) You can only attack enemies and rooms within a certain range of your controlled sectors. The further from your territory you are, the weaker your laser shots are. After about two segments, they are worthless, hence the crossed target.

2) Traders come in four catagories: Arona, common, occasional and rare. Arona is the most regular trader. Salt Hog, Grey and Targ are common. Karmarama, Turakken and Siren are occasional. Gor, Zedem Monk and Gem Slug are rare. The size of your station bears no effect on traders. It does affect passenger traffic, though, based on the number of sectors you control.

3) Starvation and bombs are all you can do. Prevention is the best cure.

4) Ditto on DMA57361.

5) Ditto on 4).

21st Sep 2003, 23:18
Thanks for the advice. I suppose setting a couple of mark 2 or 3 skuzzers to always clean up trash would be the best tactic for countering the memau.

22nd Sep 2003, 19:26
Or bins outside every shop and every side of your dine-o-mats. Seems to work for me!

Oh, and a good sickbay helps. A peep that gets infected by a memau has at most (ie, if on perfect health) 200 seconds (3mins 20s!) to live!

I never bother with the settings of scuzzers . . too much effort.

22nd Sep 2003, 22:46
For some reason I found litter bins to have limited success. Even if I put them next to the Dine-o-Mat and outside my shops I'd still get litter from aliens who couldn't be bothered using them. I always try to have a sick bay with three greys staffing it since you get fined 1000e for aliens who die from diseases.

23rd Sep 2003, 05:58
Originally posted by DMA57361
I never bother with the settings of scuzzers . . too much effort.
Use the lock button. It changes the settings for all of them.

28th Sep 2003, 02:59
I usually have 1 major sickbay with 4 diagnostic tables, scanners, dispenirs, etc, and 3 smaller ones, on oposite sides of the station, with only two of everything. I can't be bothered to bother with scuzzer settings.

2nd Oct 2003, 02:11
Remember each Dine-O-Mat has four serving stations. A litter bin immediately adjacent to each station reduces Dine-O-Mat litter to near 0%. A litter bin adjacent to each store entrance does much the same, but less perfectly. When a litter bin is full, and remains unemptied by a scuzzer, peeps revert to tossing litter on the deck again. As far as I know, peeps will not travel more than one to two squares to visit a litter bin. There seems to be roaming peeps, not immediately exiting from a litter producer, that will walk up to a litter bin and use it. Not sure why or what this behavior is.

2nd Oct 2003, 03:54
I put three on each side. One on each corner, and one adjacent to the serving center, and for decoration I have a light on the corner, in between the two bins.