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20th Sep 2003, 18:28
Well i'll start and list afew ideas (i dident finish AOD yet but here are afew ideas anyway)

It would be nice to have one city like area where lara always returns to after levels so she can buy and sell weapons, items and find ways of making money.
Lots of side levels or thigns to do on the side like in the game Vice City.
In the side levels lara can go places and fun but hard things to do every side mission gives lara something like a new area or a peace of the sotry line and items/money, some should be repeatable so you can do it afew more times and get more things. the so called side levels will be avilable as you continue in the game the more main levels completed means more fun side levels to do or the other way around.
A side level can have small timed computations or Vs. other none player characters. some are for finding things like puzzels or as simple as climbing a rock with out falling etc etc.

New useable items like a flash light or items so that lara can do a level using diffrent tools like that item you always see in the movies where they shoot a metal hook it gets stuck on a building (ie window, roof) and there is a rope connecting to it so lara can climb up to that location. also good to use as a way to get from roof-top to roof-top lots of useable items like that.
Lots of shops where lara can buy and sell weapons and lots of items some useable like a flash light etc.

In the next TR it would be a good idea (i think) so that every time you save a game it saves it in a folder that has the name of the level and inside it are the saves so that you can save lets say 10 saves in each level all in a nice order in a folder and then easch save should have the number of save, a word or 2 you can add and time/date.

Laras Outfits.
Here is another idea... we all know that jeans and spotrs dont go togather. so i can only wonder how lara can bend her legs in jeans... realy hard to do no? so why not make new outfits avilable after certan levels or by using money to get new ones and that each outfit will have it's own advantages and disadvanteges. like climbing running etc with jeans would slow down lara alot but when talking to strangers it might make them less suspicious of lara. Players should be able to change her outfit for diffrent levels/side levels.

I got more but there you go, some nice ideas... :\

20th Sep 2003, 18:35
Competent enemies.

20th Sep 2003, 18:37
Yeah lol, Some of the guards would just stand there as they are getting shot at...

20th Sep 2003, 19:16
For those at CD/Eidos entrusted with Lara:

I’m a TombRaider addict who needs to put in his two cents in the hope that what happened last time never happens again.
First and foremost I would just like you all to think about this for a minute, even those who hated AOD for the most part liked the Tomb of the Ancients/Hall of Seasons levels. Also TR4 [The Last Revelation] was an epic [very long] Egyptian adventure that Playstation magazine gave 4 stars to; the first TombRaider is still remembered fondly; and levels like The Temple of Zian [2nd] and the Coastal Ruin Levels [4th] are catch-phrases for what makes great TombRaider play. This all says one thing: Don’t innovate when it comes to the gameplay, replicate. People play Resident evil to shoot Zombies and people play TombRaider to explore ancient ruins, avoid traps, solve puzzles and find artifacts just like they did [and loved doing] in previous TombRaider games. We’ve seen what happens when that is no longer the case.
Second, “we” want, no need large open environments. Stream the data if you must. And a few vehicles wouldn’t hurt either.
Third, the controls need to be tighter. If you are going to innovate, this is where you need to concentrate that creativity. And since we are on the subject of controls: 1] since hand to hand combat has been introduced, separate punch and kick buttons would be nice, 2] double pistols/uzis and the “flip and shoot” should be brought back, as I say “realism Is good, fun is better”

Fourth: NO

NO POWER UPS: Stupid idea.

NO MONEY: Stupid idea done stupidly.


NO STUPID ENEMIES: I want lots of smart armed enemies! [notice that enemy is in the plural]

Fifth: YES [to greater replay value]

DIFFICULTY LEVELS: Why should we all have to play a TombRaider made easy for mass appeal?

UNLOCK BONUSES: Mini-Games, New weapons, Alternate endings [ala Resident Evil: as in who you do or don’t rescue and such], New items, etc.

Level builder on the PS2: I know, I’m Dreaming, but I had to say it.

TR: AOD2 Control Layout Suggestion

L2 Sprint
R2 Kick w/weapon: Change Target
L1 Walk
R1 Punch/Knife w/weapon: Point
UP/DOWN Scroll Weapon
LEFT/RIGHT Scroll Item
/\ Draw Weapon
[] Roll/Flip
O Jump/Swim
X Action/Fire/Grip
start Pause/Menu
select Crawl
L3 Move
R3 Move Camera


Knife, Machete
Double Pistols
Double Uzis

large & Small Healthpacks
*Laser Sight

* allows for first person views

20th Sep 2003, 21:46
i think it's great that everyone has ideas and stuff and would like a personlized tombraider game just for them but some people do like things that you may not. like i liked playing kurtis trent, even without using his powers. and there are different things that not everyone has in common likeness but tombraider is just a great game, even if it has what you like or dont like.

Notts Raider
20th Sep 2003, 21:49
Make it much bigger, more complicated and take that bloody helping hand away.http://tcwozere.co.uk/smileys/11poke.gif

Scream 2
20th Sep 2003, 21:52
Originally posted by Notts Raider
Make it much bigger and more complicated and take that bloody hand away.http://tcwozere.co.uk/smileys/11poke.gif

i liked the hand, if it wasnt for that, i would have passed by loads of things, but thats just me, if they had a difficulty rating in TR7 the hand could only appear when the rating is set to easy

20th Sep 2003, 22:20
It sounds a bit strange to have Tomb Riader like the other games: Easy, Med, Hard etc.. they should just have a totorial at the begining (in game) like in AOD. For the hand icon i think you should be able to enable or disable such featers in a new tab in the settings named Game Options or whatever they would call it http://gamer.co.il/gamer/forum_images/2gunsfiring_v1.gif http://gamer.co.il/gamer/forum_images/monalisa.gif http://gamer.co.il/gamer/forum_images/smash.gif

21st Sep 2003, 03:00
I'll be happy if CD does this with TR7:

1. They don't change Lara for the worse.
2. They bring all the old weapons back.
3. They continue with the story from TR6.
4. Karel comes back! :D
5. CD takes their time with this game to make it as good as possible.

Those mini-games and bonus weapons would be a great idea! That's more of an optional thing to me, but it'd be nice. Let's hope they can do this stuff, because I don't think I'm asking for much.:p

22nd Sep 2003, 01:32
Originally posted by davev7
i think it's great that everyone has ideas and stuff and would like a personlized tombraider game just for them but some people do like things that you may not.

Yeah, that would be politically correct:p

25th Sep 2003, 23:48
but i like the old play on pc of tome raider its more exciting more adventuring ..im abit disapointed with the new version on tome raider...theres alot of sticky bits need to be sorted out im a big fan of lara croft games Deserthawk

26th Sep 2003, 07:37
- A seperate training/tutorial level from the actual game that only teaches you NEW moves, not how to climb. That was already established.

- The whole "Let me guide ur a-double snakes through the whole game" thing doesn't work for me. It just p-i-double snakes-es me off!

- Kurtis is somewhat cool but I really do not feel that I should be forced to USE him. I prefer guns not shards! (Do you ever get to use the shards?)

- Longer, complicated levels. It seems like towards the end of AOD, ya'll just said "freak it" and threw some stuff together to meet the deadline.

- Enemies... human enemies!!! Not ghost or skeletons! Human beings, Im sure the only people that want artifact arent all just cult hippies! Remember in TR1, with Nate and her crew? Something more on that level. Oh, and more female characters! Seeing Lara beat the crap out of another dominate female is always entertaining.

- Explain Kurt's or any secondary character in the game, I shouldn't have to read his/her bio off of the TR site just to know who he is.

- I miss Lara's crib!!!:(

- I love the classical music!!! I swear to GAWD that hearing the classical music on TR games has made me a fan of classical music!!!:)

- Lara's voice is... lame. What happened to the first woman who used to talk for Lara? She had more of an deep english accent. The new voice just sounds... well, forced.

- I miss the butler! I miss locking him up in the meat freezer!!!:(

- Less puzzles that dont make you think, they just p-i-double snakes you off! Like the level with the wind blowing and the wood logs that come from hell! That was just idiotic and unrealistic. No, too unrealistic!!!

- Stop with the camera views, they p-i-double snakes me off! I actually get dizzy when I spin lara around!:o

- ... what ever happened with the bet between the boxers and the trainer??? Was there even a reason for that???

- The weapons... bring them to ME!!! I enjoyed using the gun codes...em, umm ... after I beat... the game. She should also start using bombs and gernades:D

- I dont think its healthy for Lara to eat chocolate bars off the streets. Just my opinion.

- If your gonna use the money system, at least have it where she can buy energy/ammo/weapons from stores or merchants.

- New items, like what Lara-Addict said!

.. Im sure theres more but, Im done for now. Darn, just think, Ive been playing Tomb Raider since 1996, 7 years ago, I was just 11 years old!!! Dont worry about trying to impress those who only play video games for the glits and glitter (graphics). There are ways to make a better TR than just selling out in a way!!! I respect you guys @ Eidos & Core for what you do, I wish I work for Eidos or Core. Any internships? ... anyways, dont try to outdo yourselves. Keep it nice, playable, and enjoyable! Repeat nice, playable, and enjoyable. Alright, people to my left... nice, playable, and enjoyable. People to my right... nice, playable, and enjoyable. In the front... nice, playable, and enjoyable! Now evvvvverrrrrrryboday!!!... nice, playable, and enjoyable, nice, playable, and enjoyable, nice, playable, and enjoyable, nice, playable, and enjoyable, nice, playable, and enjoyable...

27th Sep 2003, 07:13
Originally posted by YigoLost_TheLostTomb
- The whole "Let me guide ur a-double snakes through the whole game" thing doesn't work for me. It just p-i-double snakes-es me off!


Huh?! Am I dumb or what, I don't understand what that sentence means...An what does p-i-double snakes-es me off i suppose to mean???? I guess I'm not cool enough...

27th Sep 2003, 08:31
lol, a-double snakes = ASS thus, S = one snake, symbolization/doulbe=2, meaning SS= double snakes, ASS!!!

27th Sep 2003, 18:21
ooooooookkkkkkkkk now I get it,lol, wow, where does that come from?? I don't think we use this here in montreal. Ok, well I totally agree, and I hate that hand that comes in the corner, it feels like the whole game is a training level (like someone said in another thread, the bloody hand). Anyways I'll try to stop blasting the game, cuz I know that no matter what happens, i'll still buy all the TR games!!!

27th Sep 2003, 19:42
few points here;
1.> improve AI...i loved the cleaner...wanna see more of that in the future
2.> i dont really mind urban environments...its just that we need a fair share of tomb raidign as well
3.> next time dont put stupid things like upgrades and money if lara isnt gonna really use them or if they smake the game look ridiculous
4.> more enemies
5.> longer levels with alternate paths that change the storyline
6.> lastly bring back the feeling and essence that made TR1 and TR4

28th Sep 2003, 17:15
Well here are afew more:
- Killable Boss chars. and not ghost type of Bosses. The only boss lara can kill in AOD is the cleaner that is moved by triggers so only at the steps you can kill him :(. I miss the old: "You kill the boss we dont care how" TR...
- Sniper, as much as Lara is a go in with a hand2hand/pistol/MP5 person it would be nice to use a sniper as you can take out targets from the far but only for fun not to effect the story line...
- Weapon system: in the game Grand Theft Auto you see a target when you use a wepon and the game is in 3rd person it's an intresting idea but the game losses all it's "real life" look...
- More Death Traps like under the Hall of Seasons.
- The use of hand2hand combat with unarmed guards or armed with something like a baseball bat just as an example...
- More moves!
- Use of a weapon when holding on to something like shooting something above Lara while she is on a ladder etc...
- More Hall of Season levels (traps puzzels etc)
I'll think of more soon :D

28th Sep 2003, 21:43
a feW MorE:

- Vehicles... ?

- Outdoor enviorments/caves

- More animals to shot... sorry PETA! Remember when Lara used to get attacked by 5-6 wolves at once.... sweet ol' times!!!

- Longer levels, like in TR1!

- Give Lara some attitude. Make her grawl or something when she's shooting at things for a long time period.


29th Sep 2003, 21:10
could lara have a lean to left and right peeping around corners?

30th Sep 2003, 00:39
Like.. This?


30th Sep 2003, 01:38
Ok, this is my little bit of input into this thread... some good ideas so far, and one can only hope that someone somewhere takes the slightest bit of notice of it...

Everyone seems down on the ability to improve one's strength, etc. I think this was a good idea, just implemented badly in the game. With a little thought it could be a real bonus, as I am sure it was supposed to be at first...

Basically, I think the next game should have an EASY mode, an INTERMEDIATE mode and a HARD mode. Completing each one unlocks the next, which adds some replay value. However, the harder levels shouldn't just be copies of the same levels with the same puzzles and just more enemies. Oh no. The level up ability could really come into its own here. For example, in the EASY level Lara can't reach some places, because she lacks the abilities necessary. However, as she progresses through the game she gets faster, stronger etc. NOT by pulling a box or kicking a door down (which surely only makes you more tired, not stronger!) but by either using power ups (the chocolate bars, for example, should give a temporary stamina boost not 10% health) or by aquiring better equipment (climbing gloves, running shoes etc.) Puzzles should be scaleable - for example on EASY mode Lara needs to acquire say, 2 keys to open a door. When she completes the game, and restarts in INTERMEDIATE mode, she keeps all the upgrades from the previous game and can therefore access more locations that were previously inaccessible. She can also gain further upgrades. The puzzle requiring 2 keys now requires 3 or 4 keys, 2 of which have moved location from the first game (just for a bit of variety) and the others of which are in previously inaccessible locations. It goes, on and in the HARD mode there are further locations and puzzles to be completed.

bit of a ramble there sorry...

anyway I think this way both the upgrade system, AND the entirely pointless MONEY system from AOD could be successfully implemented into the next game, although it would require some clever level planning... is that too much to ask?

30th Sep 2003, 06:50
I just want more of an natural-humanlike feel to the game.

30th Sep 2003, 10:29
Alot has been said allready. But I feel I have few small things to add. :)

- Hand to hand combat should be developed a bit more. You should be able to activate it the same way you would draw a weapon. Kinda like In the Indiana Jones games. And combo attacs would be great. You know, pressing a comination of comntrol keys will make her do a more powerful attack move.

- She should also be able to pick up things from around her to use as weapons. Like a chair or the leg of a broken table. Things like that. Could be helpful if you need to save your ammo.

- I'm a big fan of levels with lots of water in them. So it would be nice to have at least one of those in there. And it would have to be quite big too. :) And for this level she should have some kind of underwater breathing aparatus. No necessarily a complete scuba gear, but at least some kind of breathing mask.

- Double guns and being able to shoot while jumping is a must.

- The levels will have to be bigger and more elaborate. The annoyingly short levels of AOD took alot of fun out of the game. One level should not be only two rooms.

- More mysterious tomb levels with good puzzles in them. But then it comes to puzzles... It is very important to leave clues to the solution of the puzzles. I hate it when the solution is so far fetched that I have to ask for help or read about it in a walkthrough.

- And since I only play TR on PC I have no big problems with mapping of the controls. But they will have to be made more responsive. I want instant movement when I press a key, not a one and a half second delay.

-Vehicles? Yes please. Those were always the most fun.

- Lara's mansion? Bring it back Please!!!!! I miss it so much. As a training level or bonus level, anything.

- Oh and Lara's attitude needs a bit of adjusting. In previous games she was tough as nails and witty, but still rather polite. In AOD she's got quite rude. I didn't like that.

30th Sep 2003, 18:05
There are underwater levels in AOD in the levels: "Aquatic Research Area", "Vault of Trophies" and "Neptune's Hall".
However the water looks so fake :( and when she exits the water she is dry as a bone! :o

30th Sep 2003, 18:46
Originally posted by fastclick
the water looks so fake :(

i thought it looked like fast moving jelly:D

30th Sep 2003, 19:53
In AOD she's got quite rude. I didn't like that.

Yeah, I noticed that!!! Lara's was a ***** to everybody:D Like the old man that was a reporter during the level when its snowing. I was like "What the hell...!" And she was demanding, I wasn't shocked when that guy shot her for talking rude to him (Louis Bouchard)!

More ideas:

- I like the fact that Lara can now interact with people on the street like the homeless guys, and the reporter. And the hooker... didnt she tell Lara to find her own corner or something? lol I think there should be more people for Lara to interact with. It brings a natural sense to the game. If your gonna have a game take place in a urban setting, there should atleast be people walking around, even if they dont have information to give you. Like in Shenmue 1 for Sega Dreamcast, when you could basicalyy talk to anybody without them actually telling you anything important. Like, they can just say "I busy" or something like that. Lara should also be fluent in other languages. hahaha Im asking for too much.

1st Oct 2003, 12:18
like that picture at top where she peeping a round corner if any of u played medal of honor they have the same where soliders lean to left and right using the key z and c key button...if theyed made tomb raider more differcult in next version these keys will be usefull Deserthawk

1st Oct 2003, 15:18
You have to be rude with some people like Bouchard... but he realy talks to much at the second time she meets him in the level "The Monstrum Crime Scene " :rolleyes:

Yeah it would be nice to be able to shoot when lara turns around a corner. like in the game SWAT3 or something like that...

Lara realy has strange shoes in the FMV with the credits at the begining, they look like something from StarTrek :D

Anyway i hope CD will make the next game a realy amazing one! :) :p ;) :cool:

1st Oct 2003, 21:45
take a leaf out of konami's book...

2nd Oct 2003, 21:51
^ Metal Gear: Sons of Liberty!!! That game is one of the best action games I've ever played... except for the end, very stupid.:(

Yeah, I was thinks along the lines of Metal Gear, too, but I didnt want a big OBVIOUS transformation. Its the little things that make the game fun. Like, if Lara shots a guy by a railing and he dies, make if fall over the rail. Leave the dead bodies where they are. There's nothing better than retracking your steps and seeing all the enemies you just F@*#ed up!!!

2nd Oct 2003, 23:36
i bet if konami was developing the game tombraider would have been wicked. im currently playing silent hill 2 and its so realistic that sometimes fear prevents you from exploring further. the game play is extremely immersive and the graphics are nearly photorealistic. i mean its all the details that make the game awesome. like blood bloating and getting soaked up by the carpet, your foot[rints become bloody when u step into a pool of blood e.t.c
im not advertising silent hill here. its just that i know that tomb raider can be so much better and it has the potential to do so. i just dont understand why the develpers arent for once trying to please gamers instead of going for money.

ill say it one last time....Take a leaf out of konamis book for TR7

lol yeah konami does make stupid endings. its wierd because the games develop amazingly and then the endings just like "Boom" out of nowhere.

2nd Oct 2003, 23:42
What if Konami ran the TR series?!?

3rd Oct 2003, 00:11
thats what i said....it wouldve been wicked but oh well hope CD does a good job. like they have plenty of time and they can review various engines e.g. prince of persia, silent hill 3, doom, half-life and all the others....plenty of time

10th Oct 2003, 21:57
No way will Tomb Raider have a first person view in the next game as we all know left handed players have the mouse on the left side and Lara is right handed! Also amagine jumping and gabing and climbing etc. in first person LOL!

11th Oct 2003, 00:32
silent hill 2 was the bomb-i liked it very much and i was really attached to james-anyhow, aside tomb raider it's the only game i could play several hours in a row-not that i have tried many other games...but yeah, james was really easy to control at least, and i can easily say i would have appreciate AOD if it was somewhat like silent hill

11th Oct 2003, 18:52
I did not play that game but one thing is for sure Lara has many moves and to control her you need 2 hands on the keybard. Any other way then it is now could make things worse but if they managed to use the new 5+ buttons mouse (2 side buttons, 2 top buttons and the 1 wheel button) and the wheel it could turn in to a good control system.