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20th Sep 2003, 17:12
Hey There! I just received a Deus Ex game disk with my new Audigy Sound Card. I have not played before or know very much about the game. I will be reading posts and forums, but quick question. Is this a multi-player game? I have no manual or any documentation with the disk which I am sure is a demo. Any information will be cool!:confused:


20th Sep 2003, 22:15
you can play it multiplayer ... but i wouldn't call it a multi-player game

it's more like:
"the best single-player-first-person-action-adventure game"

jump in and enjoy the unforgetable ride !

21st Sep 2003, 15:48
Don't read too much in the threads, you can get spoiled about things sooo much COOOL when you discover them by yourself... Just start playing.

This game gives so much freedom... just imagine you're there. Trust yourself, do what you think its best. ENJOY!!

22nd Sep 2003, 13:36
and don't forget to post here to make us know how you fare...

especially since Zaccheus is having a break.