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20th Sep 2003, 10:17
I didnt quite understand what was going on in the four games (soul reaver 1,2 and blood omen 1,2) so I need you to explain to me everything that is going on in those games and if you know, please tell me whats going on in defiance too

Matt from Spam Buddies
20th Sep 2003, 12:49
We are to explain all four, plus LOK-D for you?


- Matthew

20th Sep 2003, 13:12
yup! That was his question!

Heres a basic rundown

Blood Omen1- Kain was a nobleman, who was murdered outside of a pub. He is revived as a Vampire to seek his revenge on his killers. But as it turns out, he has to restore the 9 pillars of nosgoth to lift this vampiric curse. Basically at the end, Kain refuses to sacrifice himself to restore balance to the world!

Blood Omen 2- This story revolved around kain as he was starting up his empire. He had a nemisis, the sarafan lord! Basically, Kain was defeated by the hands of this varpire cleanser! It's basically a revenge/seek to restore himself to the reigns of Nosgoth once again.

Soul Reaver- The story starts many years after kain became a Vampire. A century or two...lol In this story, Kain ruled Nosgoth. Everything was under his control. He made top lieutenants. He resurrected humans that were actually vampire hunters/cleansers. Well after years of living, vampires evolve.

Well one day a top lieutenant named Raziel, came to a meeting (lol) and had went past Kains evolution. He grew wings! Kain got pissed an dtossed Raziel into an eternal abyss. Raziel is revived by an elder god. Basically, its another revenge story1

Soul Reaver 2-Didnt play it! My PS2 never could play a copy...dunno why??? But you learn the orgin of the soul reaver and get a better detailed and fuller length story. This was the cinematic version of the series.

Defiance takes place immediatley after soul reaver 2 ends!

Basically, all the stories lead to revenge and a way to escape their prospective destinies of their deaths.

20th Sep 2003, 13:38
Zeevk, have a look at my Plot Guide on this page.


Nobody knows what's going to happen in Defiance yet. CrystalD are keeping tight lipped about it.

However, it is known that...

1. Kain is looking for Moebius in the Sarafan Stronghold
2. The Elder God has trapped Raziel in the Spectral Realm. Raziel is trying to escape.

kain lestat
22nd Sep 2003, 15:54
im not sure if kain had tossed raziel into the abyss out of jealousy because he had been to the cronochamber so he knew what to expect and in sr2 he said he was just a pawn in kain's hand or something like that and that the only reason kain resurrected him was so kain could get that egde of the coin he wanted