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14th Jun 2012, 13:24

I started putting the info for the contest (Word to your Moogle). I did the sign up for Square-Enix which was quick and painless :) But once I started putting the information down for the contest and hit submit. However, instead of getting the info that I got the entry, all I get is reset and have to put the info back again. I did that 2 times and still I get reseted. I have done this in many forms to see what would work, but alas nothing is happening.

I need some assistance when possible so I can enter the contest. It be sweet if I get lucky enough to win a console for sure. Then I won't have to bother any of my brothers for their PS3 console hehe.

Thank you :D


14th Jun 2012, 14:02
Do you see any error messages at the top of the screen?

14th Jun 2012, 14:05
Only error it shows up is the on the left part with it says: * = required. I made sure that I type on every area that has a * on. Beyond that, nothing else. Once I do everything needed for it, I hit enter on the submit area and I get sent back to the top of the page again.

14th Jun 2012, 14:30
My next recommendation would be to try it on different browsers, there might be a caching issue involved here.

14th Jun 2012, 14:32
Ack! Another browser! The horror! lol. Understood, will do that one then and see how it goes.

14th Jun 2012, 15:00
Did IE 9 which was the second browser I got and still the same problem. Any other suggestions that you can give out or am I doomed on trying to participate? :( Thank you again for your help. Really appreciate it.

14th Jun 2012, 15:08
I'll send you a message and we'll try to walk you through it.

14th Jun 2012, 21:14
Went to my work station to see if any of the computers there with different browsers would work. Well I was kind of amazed that it I did the submit on the computers (4 of them) and it didn't work at all. I thought it would work at least one of 'em but nope. So when you get the chance, if you can give me any suggestions or if I can just give my info down on a message here so it can be submitted for the contest it be great. Again, thank you for helping out on this and many apologies if I missed any message sent your way since I had to leave for work.


Eric Torruellas

14th Jun 2012, 21:27
Quick correction. I just noticed that I got submitted. Don't know how that one happened but if you were Mr. Peeler, thank you tons for the assist. That was very kool of you :) Now all I can do is hope and wait for the best.

For now, time to borrow one of my brother's ps3 console and start playing FF XIII part 1 and 2. I was finishing up FF XII at last after working on my old ps2.

Again, thank you very much for the assist.


17th Jun 2012, 22:11
I tried to join the contest but it wont let me. All i get is the following: "please create a new member account then edit the profile here to be entered".

Idk what im suppose to do about it. Idk how to go about in making a members account. I have a members code but idk what to do with it.

18th Jun 2012, 07:38
To create the membership just go to the top of the page on the right side and you should get a member sign up. From there just fill out the info and submit it, and that should be it :D

3rd Jul 2012, 19:25
I had the same problem as Eric, above. I pressed submit and it just took me to another page that told me to re-submit. No errors or anything. I tried many different browsers As well. Please help!!

21st Jul 2012, 14:11
So it's been almost a week since registration for the WtyM Sweepstakes ended, is there any particular reason why there's still a pink box following me on the left telling me to enter today?

21st Jul 2012, 14:16
I wondered the same thing like a week ago. I want to hear about the status of my pink PS3 lol.

21st Jul 2012, 14:37
Your pink PS3? I think you mean MY pink PS3, thank you very much! You can have the crap-Box! :D

21st Jul 2012, 14:45
lmao I needed that laugh :D

21st Jul 2012, 17:34
I'll take the xbox if nobody else minds.

21st Jul 2012, 17:45
Actually the 360 is mine and the announcement of the winners takes place on the 27th of this month.

21st Jul 2012, 18:30
Those are fighting words everyone. But do we know if they publicly announce the winner's?

21st Jul 2012, 18:43
I hope they do. But really I just want that annoying "ENTER TODAY!" button to go away so the thing on the left finally centers itself.

21st Jul 2012, 22:34
yes, I hope win one PS3 pink!!!! waaaaa

30th Jul 2012, 18:10
I'm just bumping this to ask, anyone know who won? The drawing was supposed to take place last week, but I can't find any announcements on it.

30th Jul 2012, 20:18
It said at or around july 27th. Let's just wait for an official announcement for now.

15th Aug 2012, 23:06
Why are the forums logged into separately, not even an fconnect or square connenct.

30th Aug 2012, 20:29
Any idea how many of the xbox 360 and PS3's where made with this design, IE is this a one off or?


30th Aug 2012, 20:34
Any idea how many of the xbox 360 and PS3's where made with this design, IE is this a one off or?


There were a few given away already. And there's actually going to be a set of them given away tomorrow in Seattle at the 25th Anniversary event.

30th Aug 2012, 20:39
Ah ok nice, thanks for the quick reply!