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19th Sep 2003, 23:57
I've been practicing drawing with my graphics tablet lately, and joined a daily sketch group in the hope of improving my quick stuff. Todays topic was Tree Ents so I naturally thaught of those pagan beasties we all know so well. I started sketching a nasty looking beastie, but he soon grew on me and I didn't have the heart to make him mean. :(

Bad Hair Day. :D
You can view other members work here (http://www.conceptart.org/forums/showthread.php?s=&postid=101556#post101556). These daily sketches are a fun exercise. :)

20th Sep 2003, 00:24
Thanks for the link. Been looking for a similar site for a while. Need to fire up my Pad, and get some drawing done, again.

Muddle, muddle, muddle. :D

20th Sep 2003, 02:47
Excellent work, Gummie. :D

20th Sep 2003, 03:28
Love it!!! :D Some of the others are really good too Gummsie.

20th Sep 2003, 03:57
Gumsie, your talents never cease to amaze me. Love it. :)

Shadow Creepr
20th Sep 2003, 10:40
That is a great sketch, gummie! That tree also reminds me of the trees in "The Wizard of Oz" that threw their apples at Dorothy. Thanks for the link too. :D

20th Sep 2003, 14:20
I love that ent, Gummie! I think I agree with Shadow Creepr. It reminds me of the Oz trees, too. :)

20th Sep 2003, 18:27
Originally posted by theBlackman
Need to fire up my Pad, and get some drawing done...Yay Blackie! \o/

Thanks everyone. I'm pleased you like him. :)

If I do any more Thiefsie stuff I'll post 'em. Maybe some Burrick rider renders are in order! :D

Broken - Post some of those pic's you showed me. That mystery man was awesome! :cool:

Edit: Hmm... I can't seem to picture the trees from Oz. I haven't seen the film since I was very young. I know it's mean't to be the most beloved of American films and all, but how can that be when Jimmy Stewart had such a wonderful life?!

20th Sep 2003, 20:50
Gummy, I must say, you have inspired me again. I am going to try to reinstall a old program of mine, see if I can get it to work again, and go from there.

I bought a WACOM Tablet last year, it is about the size of a mouse pad, very easy to use. This was after taking back a more expensive tablet, that conflicted with XP, and the size of the drawing pad itself was Huge, didn't like it.

I like your choice of colors, and the expression on his face. Keep us posted with more ya taffer. :D

20th Sep 2003, 20:50
Funny cartoon Gummie and love the caption! Would like to use it as a wallpaper maybe? LOL Keep'm coming Mr. Artiest' (trying to make that sound French :D). Ta and Good Hunting!

21st Sep 2003, 17:48
Cool !!

Grey Mouser
22nd Sep 2003, 19:01
Nice Ent. :)

Bring on the Burricks!

Whatz His Name
25th Sep 2003, 12:21
Good work. The other examples were good too. You and the others have some talent. :)