View Full Version : Are you going to buy Tomb Raider 7?

19th Sep 2003, 16:25
Well, are you? I mean, I, after some thinking decided that I am going to rent it or buy a used one. I am not spending another 50$ for a half-finished game.

19th Sep 2003, 16:57
I got every TR game and i would never miss out on a new game i dont care what reviewers have to say!! TR AOD is a grate game! i rate it at 9/10. The gameplay needs some work in fact alot of work but the levels graphics sounds/music etc are amazing even when compared to games like Vice City.

If a new Tomb Raider came out i'd be runnin to the store!

19th Sep 2003, 17:13
Yes i would, maybe not right away but i would be drawn to it like a moth to a light bulb good bad or ugly i'd have to have it, play with it.............my precious:D

19th Sep 2003, 17:40
"You stole it from us..."


Anyway, I will surely buy the game!!! :cool:

19th Sep 2003, 17:42

19th Sep 2003, 21:41
Wine has bad years too. I like CD's work, 2005 way off and time heals all wounds so I'll probably buy it on the release date [sucker that I am].

19th Sep 2003, 22:00
Owyeah, that game is mine when it hits the shelves :)

Notts Raider
19th Sep 2003, 22:44
I won't buy it but i will play it, i'm hooked

20th Sep 2003, 01:40
I have all the games on PSX and PS2, and I'm not about to miss any more games. I'm definitely going to buy.

20th Sep 2003, 11:23
Just as long as TR stays TR and as long as Lara is around I will buy the games forever.

20th Sep 2003, 17:56
i can't wait to buy the next TR i enjoy playing on TRAOD but there is a 1 bad thing on the PC version of AOD there is no ending credit

23rd Sep 2003, 17:39
well i think i would buy the game

but i think this part was way to easy for a tombraider game.

i think there are more people who think the same about AOD

but the other aspects of the game where just great

24th Sep 2003, 02:03
I'd definately buy it (I want to know what happened/happens to Kurtis). The Angel of Darkness was good considering it was suppose to be completely different from the past Tomb Raider games. I think AoD was just setting up the big story (since there's suppose to be a continuous story), kind of getting people use to the "new" Lara, possibly. Maybe they'll add vehicles in the next one or something. Storylines are just as important as gameplay...

24th Sep 2003, 03:03
I'll buy 7 and 8, 9 10..!

26th Sep 2003, 12:30
I have every Tomb Raider game, so i'll continue collecting them! I loved Angel of Darkness, and i'd love to see what Tomb Raider 7 will be like.

So i'll be buying it! :D

26th Sep 2003, 17:35
Absobloodylutely!!!!!! :p

26th Sep 2003, 19:19
I will buy it, but not immediately after its release, unless I read rave reviews, both on this board and in the online mags. Except for The Lost Artifact, I have all TR games, Gold versions, Collector editions and whatnot, so I will buy it definitely.

26th Sep 2003, 21:56
Of course. i'll buy the tomb raider 7,8, 10, 100, 200..lol

27th Sep 2003, 18:03
I don't know if I'll go through all the trouble to get it on the release date again, but I'll definitely buy it. Give me a chance to see what Crystal D. does with it, then ask me again about TR8.

27th Sep 2003, 22:19
Originally posted by LARAMANIAC
Absobloodylutely!!!!!! :p

My thoughts, exactly :D

28th Sep 2003, 22:36
as long as laras there im getting the game. i know i wuldnt be able to resist (nearly paid $72 CND for it)...its just a long time to wait though and i hope they make TR7 else im gonna go crazy.
anyways for those interested in action adventure u mighta wanna check out prince of persia the sands of time..im so happy first TR and now prince of persia...yay

Marcus T
28th Sep 2003, 22:51
Well, I've got the whole series so far, I just can't back out now ;)

4th Oct 2003, 07:47
Ohhhh yessssss and why not when i got to grips with it i thought it was great,it could have been better and i thought the old control system better but you cant have everything can ya.

bonnie :)
5th Oct 2003, 00:42
I'm not sure. I bought AOD but returned it :( I'll have to wait & see what everyone says about the next game before I purchase it or even rent it. :confused:

5th Oct 2003, 05:00
I have been a fan of Lara and Tomb Raider since the first TR came out. I remember walking through the game store trying to find a game to play over the weekend, and there it was. The cover was graced with Laras good looks, and a gun. I was so shocked to see a female, hard-core, video game character. Since then, I was hooked.
So to answer the question, YES. I will buy the game in honor of Lara, but that doesn't mean I will like it. I will stay a dedicated fan of TR for as long as it is around to fan over!