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18th Sep 2003, 19:53
Hello there dear soldiers.....

As a really commandos fan, I know that all the characters like the Green Beret are based on real persons, I mean they really excist(ed)....

Does anyone have pics from those REAL persons??? So not the computer characters but how they really where?

I only found a pic of Jack O'Hara (Green Beret) you can see it down here...

A list for you (from Commandos3, where's the driver?!):

Green Beret - Jack "The Butcher" O'Hara
The Sniper - Francis T. Woolridge alias "Duke"
The Spy - Rene Duchamp a.k.a. "Frenchy"
The Sapper - Thomas Hancock a.k.a. "Fireman"
The Thief - Paul Toledo a.k.a. "Lupin"
The Diver - James Blackwood a.k.a. "Fins

So if you have pics of one of these persons please put 'em here of post your link here.....besides where is the Driver in 3?!?!



The old man in the dark green suit is the green beret Jack O'Hara
how he is now...i don't know if he died already......


19th Sep 2003, 02:22
Paul Toledo was part of the development team at Pyro

I thought that any relationship to real WW2 persons is purely coincedence

19th Sep 2003, 02:25
Driver was cut cause they can all drive now

19th Sep 2003, 08:42
I knew that the characters in the Commandos series were based on real persons... And thanks to all those people that gave their lifes so that that we wouldnt be living i a big dictator run world today!

Ps the driver was totaly unessesarly!!! the only thig cool he could do was drive a tank and set traps for the enemy...
so he will not be missed in Commandos 3

19th Sep 2003, 14:42
he will not be missed
then who will say "all righty"!?

19th Sep 2003, 14:51
Hopefully nobody will say it ;)

27th Jul 2004, 14:44
Why is the green baret's name Jack "Butcher" O'Hara in the UK version and Jerry "Tiny" McHale in the US version??? Also the green baret's birthday and place of birth are not the same in all of the commandos games.