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18th Sep 2003, 15:01
Greetings one and all

I have just purchased a computer and am unsure of how the Internet works, so please bear with me and correct my mistakes, I will be most grateful for it.

Although I do not know much of computers I own both a PS1 and 2, and have all the LoK series (except BO: LoK, but soon...).
One word: Intriguing.
So far the LoK series has proven to be much more involving and intriguing than many so called "Hollywood blockbusters", with characters worthy of any Shakespearean tragedy.
Kudos to Eidos!

I have found myself suffering for poor Raziel. His grief as he awakens and finds he is no more than a shell, all the time remembering how he had been before (so handsome!).
A catastrophic fall from grace for one that had served Kain (a veritable god to all vampires) for all of his unlife, not out of self service or as a lackey, but out of true belief and loyalty.
"I am destroyed!" he utters. Tragic.

Powerful characters inhabit Nosgoth!
Kain's dangerous cobra like charm, Vorador's mysterious presence, Ariel's insane musings, the dark presence of the Elder God. the imminent doom that hangs over Nosgoth is almost palpable.
Ah! Raziel....
Who could forget Raziel's grief after witnessing his human self murdering Janos?
Michael Bell is a magnificent voice actor, you can practically hear the tears behind Raziel's words. Heartbreaking.
The outtakes bonus feature on SR2 is wonderful viewing, to witness all the hard work (and humour) that goes into adding depth to a character through voice.

(Q: how do they get these jobs? It certainly looks like hard work, but fun.)
Surely LoK Defiance will go beyond any expectations.

Overall I have never been so involved in caring for a game character, so I am forced to ask the following:

Am I the only one out there who tries to find Raziel a nice place for him to rest?
I mean, when I want to take a break I usually save (or reach a save obelisk in SR2) and shift to spectral before finding a nice quiet place where to leave Raziel (nice and even ground, no Sluagh, no demons/humans, nice sheltered setting).
Does anybody else out there do that?
I do not remember ever doing that for any other game character, and I had not even though about it until a friend asked me as to why I had Raziel running around in spectral.
"Looking for a place to rest." I replied "I can't leave him in the swamp/cliff/surrounded by Sluagh."
"What's he gonna do?" my friend asks "look at the stars and go beddy bye? I thought he was dead or something."

Raziel looking at the stars...now that's a nice thought.

Ah yes...my insanity must be showing.

Matt from Spam Buddies
18th Sep 2003, 16:35
Yup, I also like to sit around in Spectral. Such a calm place. :)

And welcome to the forums!

- Matthew

19th Sep 2003, 02:49
I like when the Sarafan Era, Its soo buityfull. I like to just sit there and look at my surrandings sometimes and feel the cold going up your body, but then again, my house is 45 Degrees, soo you would feel cold anyways, lol

the Spectral realm is a little bit too much... Neo, As in too much Green-Blue like effect around, it gets me mad, its like taking Night Vision Goggles and just keep them on for the rest of the day (although their nice in the dark)