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18th Sep 2003, 13:02

I'm fan of Tomb Raider comic. Could you help polish fans? "Jawa Media company" would like to public in Poland Top Cow's comic.. but polish fans need 1000 e-mails... If Jawa get 1000 mails, they will public Tomb Raider, if not.. , we won't see this comic:(

Please send e-mail in polish "Bardzo prosze o wydanie komiksu Tomb Raider " to biuro@jawamedia.com .It means "please, public the Tomb Raider comic" . I hope that they will get 1000 mails... please send e-mails from your all acoount, ok? and inform about this your friends e.g. from ICQ... It's very important for me and the rest of polish fans...

(if you don't like Tomb Raider comic.... please help me too, ok?:) )



18th Sep 2003, 15:51
is there somebody, who will help me?

18th Sep 2003, 16:22
You can always order direct from Dynamic Forces (http://www.dynamicforces.com/topcow/).

18th Sep 2003, 16:50
I know.. but .. it's too expensive. I libe in Poland. 12 $ it's too much. I would like to buy comic in Poland. I send request to polish companies.. only one answered.. They said that they need 1000 e-mails.. to start public this title in Poland.. So I have to ask you ..to send these e-mails.. 1000 is so much:( too much... it's very probably. that comic won't appear in POLAND:(

19th Sep 2003, 08:30
fans of TOMB RAIDER! Join to me and help polish fans of TR comic, ok? Look at www.traider.pl (http://www.traider.pl) it's official site:)

20th Sep 2003, 17:05
It's me again:) Here you are official site of BRACTWO ANKH, it's polish fanclub of TR comic.


Pleae.. help polish fans of Tomb Raider, ok?:)

22nd Sep 2003, 12:29
Tomb News >>> www.tombnews.com (http://www.tombnews.com) wrote about polish action:)

www.bractwo-ankh.prv.pl (http://www.bractwo-ankh.prv.pl)

22nd Sep 2003, 15:00
I did it too on my site :)

22nd Sep 2003, 18:46
Thakn you very much croftmania:)

24th Sep 2003, 11:23
Jawa told me, that they have 189 mails.. We need 1000.... :| Action has been since 4 days.. so it's good :) I hope more pople will send mail:)

26th Sep 2003, 12:20
we have 350 mails!!!!! Great!!! But we need 1000.. Please, help:)

30th Sep 2003, 08:59
Wow, now we have 500 mails!!! But we still need 1000.. please, help us!!:)

1st Oct 2003, 21:57
Boy is this a funny comic cover I found.:D


3rd Oct 2003, 13:32
Great cover:)

Now we have 640 mails !! But we still need 360 e-mails. Please help us, tell about action your friends, write about this on forums.. on your sites. Go to our website >> www.bractwo-ankh.prv.pl

We need help!