View Full Version : Frustrating Sound Problem in FF7 for PC!

17th Sep 2003, 12:29
I'm having a tough time getting the regular sounds to work in FF7. The music (midi) plays fine, but the regular sound just DIED on me.

I've played the game for 18 hours and the sound worked the ENTIRE time. I got to the part where "biglight.avi" plays, and it kept crashing, so i bypassed the movie file with a different one, and the sound worked for awhile after that, then I quit and went back into the game, and i had no sound. The easiest way to test it is when you get to the "new game/continue" screen and you move the pointer. I know if i have no sound there, it won't work anywhere else.

The sound in the movies work fine, but nothing in the game (the menus or the battles..etc)

I've tried completely uninstalling the game, removing the directories afterwards (saving the saved games of course) and completely reinstalling it into a different directory, and still I get no sound. Ive scoured the net looking for solutions, but have been unable to find any.

If it matters, i'm using an SB live sound card with the latest drivers. It just seems strange that it just up and died on me like that, and even more strange that a full re-install didnt fix it. It almost seems like it would be registry related.

Does anyone have any suggestions for me? I'm at my wits end here, and ANY suggestions on what to try would be GREATLY appreciated!! :cool:

18th Sep 2003, 16:37
Windows 98?

Did you upgrade to DX9? I've heard from a few people that upgrading to DX9 caused the sound to quit working in FF7. They had to reinstall Windows, to get it working again....I think upgrading to DX9 after reinstalling Windows fixed the problem of having DX9 and FF7 working together, but not certain.

The thread is somewhere on Qhimm's site....I don't remember the details.