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16th Sep 2003, 05:55

Need som help. I Can not find the way out of Louvre Galleries. Need security card nr 2. Do anybady know were it is.

Thanks from Norway

16th Sep 2003, 20:55
If you are referring to Carvier's pass card, you need to get into her office. The code for her door is posted on the monitor of her computer. Use the surveilance camera in the security office next door to look into her office and read the code.

18th Sep 2003, 06:23
Thanks Thanks

Now I just have to find the 4 symbols

18th Sep 2003, 06:41
Look in Von Croy's notebook.

22nd Sep 2003, 01:17
I'm stuck in the Louvre Galleries as well. I can't seem to get across where the trip wires are. When I shimmy past the trip wires, it's almost like Lara's going in slow motion. Either her feet trip the wire or she gets to the far wall and loses time. I tried doing it with the trip wires disabled and the timing of it is such that by the time she reaches the other end, she falls off. I can't seem to get around the corner. It's making me mad because I like this game a lot and can't seem to get anywhere. I'm ready to chuck this game out the window. I have Windows ME, which I already know is a piece of caca. But is there some trick to getting past the trip wires?:confused:

22nd Sep 2003, 12:07
I`m not shure i know where yoy meen. Is it inn the big room where you turn on the sensors?

And you can`t get past the last problem og the secend last problem.

Secend last problem. My Englis sucks. You are standing on the big thing and yoe have lacers in front of you. Stay toards the wall and push the action butten. and move sidveis past the sensors.

Last problenm the same solution.