View Full Version : I still play the PC version of Thief 2

16th Sep 2003, 00:41
I play Thief 2 all the time. I'm almost finished going through it for the 4th time. I spend hours with the lights down low, the speakers on high, and my ears on full alert. I run Thief 2 thru an SB Live! and an old Aiwa Dolby Pro-Logic 5.1 surround sound system, it sounds perfect with Thief 2. Sound plays such a huge role in Thief 2 and listening for the slightest sounds is my favorite part about slithering around in the world of Thief 2. I have perfected the art of creeping among the shadows.

I just saw the screenshots for the first time just now and Thief 3 looks awesome! I cant wait, I wish it was already installed on my pc. I'm going back to playing Thief 2 right now. Bye!

17th Sep 2003, 01:24
Welcome to the addiction! Hopefully you'll find this board a welcome one. Come on into the Crippled Burrick, (the community chat area of the Thief series,) and join us. Learn about fan missions, and all the fun things they bring!


26th Sep 2003, 07:51
Hehehe, i know what you mean. I still do the same.
There are some good FM's but still the original game stays the
best in build up, storyline and complex circumstances...!

5th Oct 2003, 16:04
I gave up about FM's. Sigh, Ive started to play Thief 2 again. GREAT!