View Full Version : Cradle of Life

15th Sep 2003, 23:29
Just been to see the aforementioned, with a fellow TR nut, somewhat inebriated.
If you can suspend disbelief, what a hoot it is.
Take plenty of lager in with you to the cinema though (about 8 cans)

Leigh Croft
16th Sep 2003, 15:27
Hey blondie, where aboots in the North u from?

Lager also works well with this forum! :p Try coming on the forum with a few pints inside you!!

19th Sep 2003, 07:41
Hello Leigh.
Im from a wee place halfway between Preston and Blackburn.

Ive done the posting while slaughtered thing in here many, many times. You should trawl the archives!

Actually, dont....go to trhe pub instead.

Leigh Croft
19th Sep 2003, 10:22
Cooool!! I'm from a wee place called Bury. uve probably heared of it. :rolleyes: I think theres still a few random posts of mine hangin about!