View Full Version : The Boaz

14th Sep 2003, 21:14
When I'm fighting with the Boaz I can't shoot at his back pods so I can't win the boss. Could you tell me how I can make it?

Veronica Ma
14th Sep 2003, 21:25
The "textbook" answer is to use the "ROLL" button to switch targets. But that advice didn't work for me until i went into a corner, shot Boaz in the face and when she starts spitting goo, do one side flip, press target switch and shoot.

If that works for one pod, then try it again for the last pod.

Good luck... this is the worst boss ever.

ps. there are some excellent solutions from others on the board so if you do a search on "Boaz" you could get some other helpful pointers.

15th Sep 2003, 18:49
I skipped that level after trying for a week to beat the Boaz. Then, went back and actually defeated him. I did mostly what Veronica suggested: Shot it in the face a few times, holstered the gun , flipped side ways to get away from the green slime, did the Roll, then took out the gun. Kurtis then actually aimed at the pods and shot them. If I didn't holster the gun, he kept aiming at the pods he had already shot.