View Full Version : TRAOD Mac OSX

14th Sep 2003, 19:01
I remember e-mailed aspyr once asking if angel of darkness will ever make it to mac. They responded saying eidos/core haven't confirmed anything or made any agreements yet and too wait until they do so.

Well, with the TR series in Crystal Dynamics hands now and with Core members moving to a new studio I was wondering if that would mess up a possible mac release. I've already own and completed AOD for PS2. But seeing that chances are there will be a AOD editor by the end of the year and I would like to see AOD make it to the mac before then. So does anyone think they its possible for AOD to be released on mac even with the the TR series moving to another developer? Also, who would be in charge of putting a new TR level editor for us users? Would eidos have CORE design do it even though they aren't making anymore TR games?