View Full Version : stuck in bouchard's hideout

14th Sep 2003, 13:51
I'm a beginner. I've managed to topple the statue in the graveyard and entered the tunnel below. First walked across the collapsing walkways and managed to get through the first few hurdles by climbing across the gaps using the pipes, swimming etc. Reached a dead end.Can't get Lara to manage the jump. Turned back and went to the start of the tunnel, went through the wire gate and tried to move the stone.Got through the rubble and reached a pool of water. Can't figure out what to do next. Swimming across didn't work. Can anyone help??

14th Sep 2003, 15:35
I think you just swim across that water and climb out the other side.

14th Sep 2003, 23:49
If it's the pit that is FULL of water - all the way up to the level of the hallway - you just swim to the other side.