View Full Version : Problem copying Thief CD to HDISK

13th Sep 2003, 21:20
In order to make Thief run smooth, I tried to copy the whole CD into my HD but somehow the copy of files "igyq.afp", "kxep.afp", "kzxp.afp", "tfjb.afp" always fails on an error... "cant read from source or disk" (or something like that).

My goal is to get all the files from CD to HD and then run installation from HD.

I have an idea for a solution, if someone could compress the files one by one and mail em one by one (hotmail has the stupid 2mb limit and these files are 0.6 mb each)

Ahh anyways what I want is the solution to this prob, any ideas? :D

13th Sep 2003, 23:26
I don't recognise any of those file names.

However, you don't need to copy the cd to the hard drive, just do a full install, copy the movies over to the movies folder, and then open install.cfg, removing all references to the cd drive(including cdrom path or whatever it is on the first line).