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13th Sep 2003, 19:05
There are some strange things with the cuts with Kurtis locking up lara. When you go in the room, the door behind you is still open. Then you get a cutscene of Lara trying to open the that door. It's the same door as she came in! And Kurtis is standing behind it. There is a part missing there.
And the cutscene where Kurtis comes to free Lara, he comes through the same door. He also opens the other door and you see the beginning of the next level (with Lara). BUT at the end of the cut, Kurtis walks into the Aquatic Research Centre and Lara walks back to the Bio Research Facility. And at the beginning of the next level, Lara is standing in the room she has been locked and the doors are closed!

If you leave out the whole Kurtis part (including the cuts), the story is correct. Lara enters the room and the door behind her closes. Then next level she opens the other door and continues. So the Kurtis Trent levels seems to be added later to the game. That also explaines his bad animations, they had no time to complete them.

14th Sep 2003, 11:22
Didn't notice that trwad.
I however didn't get this...
Before she gets locked up there by Kurtis.
The room before, you can go down into water and you will
find this door.
I think to remember she said she wasn't strong enough to
open it?
But she never gets back to that door after Kurtis lets her out
Did you or anyone else go though this door??????????
Anyway I'll have a closer look at the scenes you talked about.
When I play the game a next time.
Sounds a bit strange doesn't it.

14th Sep 2003, 11:57
The door can't be opened. I thought she said that it was jamned. There is also no way of going back to it after the Kurtis part.

14th Sep 2003, 13:50
Good eyes..

I noticed how everything changed a bit in the cutscenes. With the Aquatic Research Centre and all... But never noticed the specific order of things and which door the characters walk out of.

And perhaps you are right with that Kurtis speculation.. And if his animations were a result of this.. Hmm.. Perhaps they could fix him up in the next patch, like they patched up the Ultra-Hyper-Stair-Swivel-Speed manuver Lara used to pull.

14th Sep 2003, 18:19
And remember that scene at the Louvre that we could see in the first AOD promo videos? The one with Lara shooting with both guns and jumping backwards while reloading the guns like in the first TR movie once in a while? That isn't in the game, now you only see Lara meet Kurtis and run after him.

15th Sep 2003, 20:00
Originally posted by TRWad
.........So the Kurtis Trent levels seems to be added later to the game. That also explaines his bad animations, they had no time to complete them.

Simple explanation for this; Lara Croft will not be upstaged. ;)

..besides, Lara should have been able to get rid of this Loser when they first met..... his inclusion into the game was not inspaired; but perhaps his clumsiness was.. :rolleyes: