View Full Version : Can't install Thief 2 on XP Pro?

13th Sep 2003, 13:13
This is starting to annoy me,i put the cd in the drive,install screen comes up,i press install,the progress bar goes up to 100% then thats it,the progress bar just stays at 100% and the game doesn't continue to install?I have a geforce 3 ti-200 card with the latest Nvidia drivers,athlon xp1600,521ddr ram,anyone any suggestions?

13th Sep 2003, 14:11
Thief FAQ on TTLG (http://www.ttlg.com/forums/showthread.php?s=&threadid=48024)

How do I install Thief on Windows 2000 or Windows XP?
Go to Start, then Run, then type d:\setup.exe -lgntforce, where d:\ is your CDrom/DVDrom drive. (note: that's -lgntforce, lowercase "L". If you're unsure, copy and paste it from here.) This problem arises because Win2K and WinXP are based on the NT kernel, which had DirectX support which was flaky at best. Thief needs DirectX to run, so, when the installer sees the NT kernel, it assumes that the game isn't going to be able to run and quits the installation. The -lgntforce switch tells the installer to ignore the NT kernel and install anyway.

There are more frequently asked questions addressed in this thread. Good to keep bookmarked!

13th Sep 2003, 14:20
I've tried the start,run thingy but no luck,i'll check out the link though.

13th Sep 2003, 21:53
I thought taffer_boy_elvis had your answer. I was gonna put that up if no one else did. ;)

I'm running T2 with no problems on XP Home, which is of course the same minus a few security features and networking hullah-balah. :p

Good luck

13th Sep 2003, 23:28
Try different compatibility modes for the exe.(Win 2k compatability mode works if I recall correctly).

16th Sep 2003, 14:38
I had the problem with the screen going black once too.
Forgot what I did to change that.:confused:

1. Disable any anti-virus software prior to installation.
2. There was a problem with nVidia drivers if I recall correctly.......go back to a previous version of your drivers or make sure you have the correct drivers for your card.
3. Ummmm, try it on a friends computer to see if it works, then uninstall it when you're done testing.