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13th Sep 2003, 08:18
Just wondering, where did everone get their LOK games from?

SR was given to me as a birthday present. My friend told me he got it from Woolworths in Waterloo.

I found BO in 'GameStation' in Southport. I was amazed by the huge collection of retro games they had there.

I bought SR2 in 'Choices' in Crosby.

I bought BO2 in HMV in the Trafford Centre in Manchester.

I'm not sure where I'm going to get Defiance.

Adrian Tepes
13th Sep 2003, 09:33
Hmm, let's see. I received Blood Omen as a gift from my parents for Christmas when it came out. I had never heard of it until that day and was instantly hooked.

I received A "burned" copy of Soul Reaver about three months after it came out. Sorry guys, I am just being truthful. The good thing is, I bought a legitimate non greatest hits copy of this game three years ago as a 14.99 special at Babbages.

As for Soul Reaver 2 and Blood Omen 2, I bought both of these games at Wal-Mart on their release dates.

In my opinion, Wal-Mart is the best place to get games. Since it is not their specialty, they have very reasonable prices without the hassle of those ignorant Video Game shop dorks trying to push crap on you.

Umah Bloodomen
13th Sep 2003, 13:33
I bought BO from Funcoland (now GameStop here in MI). I purchased Soul Reaver from Electronics Boutique, SR2 from Wal-Mart and BO2 from Meijer. (A local midwestern retailer, similar to Wal-Mart but ten times better).

Coincidentally, I purchased SR2 on the day it came out and it was the last thing that I have purchased from Wal-Mart (as I started to boycott them soon after) due to their asinine censorship policies.

13th Sep 2003, 15:59
Soul Reaver - I bought due to the impact of a demo on the cover of OPSM (UK), issue 43 if I recall, still got the disk too :D I actually got it from Game.

Soul Reaver 2 - Bought in early January last year from Play.com (I had to wait two weeks for it...).

Blood Omen 2 - Bought because I saw the back of the cover of the Soul Reaver 2 manual ;) Got it from Electronics Boutique.

Blood Omen - Bought around this time last year, from a game rental shop that was closing down...

13th Sep 2003, 18:00
Soul Reaver: First played the demo and watched the video in demo 43 of a Playstation mag, loved it, my dad got a pirate copy but it kept crashing, flushed the disc down the toilet and bought the real thang.

Soul Reaver 2: Got a demo with a mag (air forge) then got it from HMV at New Years 2002

Blood Omen: Alas, I've spent the last 1 and a half searchjing for this to no vail, and my parents don't quite trust purchase over the net...sob

Blood Omen 2: Got it from E3 awhile aback, cos it was Lok of course

13th Sep 2003, 18:02
SR Demo - Played @ friends house - £0

Soul Reaver - Woolworths - £30 (Month after release)

Blood Omen - EB - £10 (Years after release)

Soul Reaver 2 - EB - £40 (Day of release)

Blood Omen 2 - Video rental shop (Day Early!) - £40

13th Sep 2003, 21:05
I got my Soul Reaver, SR2 and BO2 all at FuncoLand at $25 each - used copies. I didn't get them all at the same time though. Each one was maybe a month or two after its release. Defiance may just be the first game I ever pay full retail price for.

15th Sep 2003, 19:27
BO1: Gift from a friend cos he didn't like it... the poor fool ;)

SR1: Traded for it with my neighbour for the original C&C

SR2: Bought it with my PS2 from HMV

BO2: Granger games (Local dealer that exchanges second hand and new games for all platforms)

Unholy Messiah
16th Sep 2003, 01:41
BO1 - Ebay - $20

BO2 - Pawn Shop - $10

SR1 - Funcoland - $8

SR2 - Pawn Shop - $15

The best thing is they are all in perfect condition and combined they cost about the same as a new game... :D

16th Sep 2003, 01:55
SR1: First a pirated version from a friend, then 3 months later I bought it in a nearby PC store (that was a REAL MIRACLE!) RD$600

BO1: after the longest search in the world I found it in: www.chipsbits.com (the last copy. The told me it was inside an old room that nobody opened until the third time I ordered it). US$12

SR2: www.gamestop.com US$39.99

BO2: www.amazon.com US$ 39.99

Defiance: when available, www.amazon.com

I had to order them all because in this little ancient country you can`t find any good game.