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13th Sep 2003, 02:10
oh my god!. hi everyone, this is my very first time here AND my very first time playing Commandos.. i've seen the other ones like C2 for the Playstation 2 but i never really got to play any of the previous ones.. now today i sit here with the demo of C3 which i think is very cool game!.. anywayz.. im at the train mission in the demo and either i suck or this game is beyond hard!... (but i think its because i suck lol) .. can anyone point me in a good direction on what the heck to do? im telling you i've died like 15 times or more!! so far what i was able to accomplish was..

-i made it to the 3 cart, the cart with the spy and theift but i cant make it pass this!
-i was able to walk around with the spy and the general uniform

...well.. thats pretty much about it :( i know i know. i suck!.. in the first cart.. not the one you begin on top of.. the next one. there are soilders in there that i dotn know how to kill?? only the first soilder im able to punch him.. please!!! someone help me..

13th Sep 2003, 10:36
Originally posted by ed_diaz
-i made it to the 3 cart, the cart with the spy and theift but i cant make it pass this!

Hello and welcome.

Use Spy to distract soldiers, make them look in the other direction. When they do, use other commandos to knock them down and gag them. Observe enemy's (green) field of view (you did play the tutorial, didn't you?) and time your moves.

13th Sep 2003, 13:21
yes i did play the tutorial.... thats the first mission.. im at the train, is the train mission still part of the tutorial???

do i actually have to order the spy to go and make the soilder look in another direction? can i order the soilder to a different post? like order him to go somewhere else? i think i read this and its possible? but how is it done? .. i guess this game is pretty ez for people that have played C2.. hehe maybe i should play the C2 demo instead of this one to get the hang of it?.. is C2 better then C3?? how do they compare?


13th Sep 2003, 17:31
Try playing C2 a bit, once you get the hang of it, you'll understand C3 a lot more. and yes it can be a quite difficult game; thats what makes it so great.
one tip i can tell you is:
everytime you kill an enemy soilder and hide his body in a safe area. Save the game. so you wont have to worry about it after you messed up or something else might have occurd.

13th Sep 2003, 18:02
Originally posted by ed_diaz
C2 better then C3?? how do they compare?

In my humble opinion, Commandos: Beyond The Call of Duty is the best game in the series. And since I haven't played C3 yet (nor a good demo of it for that matter), I can't really compare it to C2. But if you are completely new to this game, Ed, your confusion is understandable. You just need to get hang of the characters and their abilities and it's difficult to do without a good manual. So yes, as was suggested, buying any of the previous games might be a good idea, if you are interested. (They all are in the bargain bin by now. I've seen first two games bundled for like 15$).

13th Sep 2003, 18:44
cool thanx alot you guys! :D , you've been extremely helpfull. and yes i am very very very new to this game. i've never ever played any of the previous ones. and i think im about to do so heheeh.. i've seen some pics and from what i've seen.. commandos 2 looks alot better then part 1?? .. but from what i've heard on these boards.. part 1 is really really hard compare to part 2 and the demo for part 3.. so i might just try them all out.. thanx again guys :D