View Full Version : Deus Ex and Windows XP woes :(

12th Sep 2003, 13:03
I've looked at the tech thread, realised that i can't play Deus Ex on Windows XP :cry:

Even with the, frankly ****e, compatability options, it still locks up after the big Deus Ex start-up logo.

Anyone have a way around this? I've been itching to play this game again for days. :(

12th Sep 2003, 13:26
that's strange, I have been playing DX1 on XP for 3 years now, and never have had a problem.

try the french versions of XP/DX1, maybe?

12th Sep 2003, 16:51
Can you get the game to run if you use safe mode?

16th Sep 2003, 04:09
Would it do any good to use that switch for Deus Ex in XP as they do for Thief II?

Go to Start, then Run, then type d:\setup.exe -lgntforce, where d:\ is your CDrom/DVDrom drive. (note: that's -lgntforce, lowercase "L".

I know they are two different engines but perhaps using this before installing will make it work better? I have no experience with XP as I won't use it unless absolutely forced as a last resort! So this is only a suggestion that I've read about ppl having to do to get Thief to install due to the type of kernel it uses and not recognized by XP, etc. Good Luck anyway and Good Hunting!

18th Sep 2003, 15:12
I too have been sucessful in running DX under XP, without the need for compatability settings. I have even managed to get the Zodiac Mod to run, once the original install was patched with the latest MP patch.

If you have not patched the original install, give that a try.

Could you provide more information about the problem symptoms etc, perhaps we can help from there.

Cerpin Taxt
24th Sep 2003, 18:34
I've never had issues with DX on XP. :/