View Full Version : what should i do

12th Sep 2003, 02:46
my SR2 was in it's case when i left to go to my mom's but when i came back i was about to play it but it wasn't in it's case so i don't know if someone stole it or something so what should i do

12th Sep 2003, 02:50
Hummm... Look around and remember to torture family to make them talk, muahahahah!!!

LoL, im j/k, just have a serious case of Evilness...

2nd, if you still got the resset (or how ever you spell it) you can go to the store and tell them to give you a new one.

And if non of this work, i would go and buy a Black Magic book and summon out the evil spirits to tell you were it is.

LOL, But if i was you i would go with # 1 and # 2 (exept dont turture your family).