View Full Version : how long will defiance stay in the stores

12th Sep 2003, 02:22
how long will defiance stay i mean i never seen BR2 or SR2. Will it stay until christmas cause thats probably the only time i can get it cause i have to buy a starter box for my atv asnd stuff

12th Sep 2003, 02:38

This question freaked me out for a sec.

How can they not sell it?

I mean SR2 and BO2 (not as much tho) is in store all the time. Infact, go to wallmart and youll find them there.

The ones that my cousin had problems with was SR and BO, heh, he was lucky he got them...

Soo they will probably keep that game in store like for... hummmm... close to 3 or more years...

Matt from Spam Buddies
12th Sep 2003, 16:45
Heh, don't worry, mate. ;)

They'll keep it in the stores for a long time. :)

- Matthew

12th Sep 2003, 17:47
Originally posted by Cold_Killer
I mean SR2 and BO2 (not as much tho) is in store all the time.
The PC version wasn't in The Netherlands.

Reaver of Souls
12th Sep 2003, 23:39
SR2 isn't being made anymore, you will only find it used or maybe there is a new copy floating around somewhere if you are really lucky. BO2 is still being made, so it is available new at the moment. I predict LOKD will have a shelf life of about 2-3 years before it is retired and can only be found used.

Veronica Ma
13th Sep 2003, 00:49
The fellow at the store i go to had to jump thru hoops to find me a copy of SR2 a couple of weeks ago.

Otherwise, i don't think i'd have a chance of ever finding it now.

13th Sep 2003, 07:29
So they stopped making SR2 now... hmmm
But anyway, as long as defiance sells they will keep making copies so I recon theyl sopp after 2-3 years depending on how popular the game becomes...

19th Sep 2003, 09:39
You never know though...seems smart to preorder it now.

Sr2 is alive and well! My friends game store sells them and buys them new on a weekly basis.