View Full Version : Controls in demo are bad...

11th Sep 2003, 23:11
I understand the demo is unfinished and buggy, but please tell me these controls are gonna be changed, go back to the controls from Commando's 2 becuase these current ones are terrible.

11th Sep 2003, 23:23
I am sorry to tell you. (well, actually, YOU are sori. ):p
sorry about that. :cool:
If you read the interview with senor Perez, of the infamous Pyro crew, you will see that there won't be hardly any keys in C3
Sorry to be the bearer of bad news.(oops. here I go again :) )
By the way, Why is nobody posting today?
I need answers as to why I cannot install c2

12th Sep 2003, 02:03
I'm sure they will improve from the Beta Demo version

Notice how some tooltips show up blank in the demo, i'm sure that some of these will incled hotkeys, if not it will be a foolish move by Pyro as the mouse alone is clumsy and slow especially when you need to complete several moves similtaneously