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11th Sep 2003, 16:45
can someone plz help me im stuck again on tomb rader aod.does any one know how to kill boaz if so could u let me know or i might have to cry again plase help me thanking you in advance. thank you

11th Sep 2003, 18:22
Do a search for "Boaz" in the thread title and look at some of the 65 existing threads on this subject.

Veronica Ma
11th Sep 2003, 19:07
LOL! i am crying with you, Yatesy!

As Dino suggests, take a look at the other posts we've got for pretty little Boaz and if you still need help let us know. :)

Good luck!

12th Sep 2003, 08:49
Hi there

you need to shoot the pods on her back, you will notice that the shells over the pods will break and you can press the square button to change target onto the next, although I think you can only do one at a time.

Hope this helps.

12th Sep 2003, 12:28
Originally posted by Trixter
you can press the square button to change target onto the next

If you play the game in PC , press "end" to change target

Veronica Ma
12th Sep 2003, 16:50
it's not that simple to get the target to switch. Lamo Kurtis keeps rolling instead of switching. that's the problem.

To this day i'm still not sure how i shot those pods off. i think there's a lot of chance involved.


12th Sep 2003, 19:54
Just shoot the face till she stops moving and spits green stuff at you. Then run to her side and blast those pods off!

Veronica Ma
12th Sep 2003, 20:06
i guess those who find Boaz easy will ALWAYS find Boaz easy. :)

However..... when i was fighting Boaz, Lamo Kurtis kept shooting at the pods that were already shot out and rolled when he was supposed to switch.

And if that weren't enough abuse for one player to endure, Boaz then skewers ya before you can even get Kurtis facing the right way! LOL!

Ah.. fond memories...

13th Sep 2003, 06:53
This is a response of mine to Rosie26's thread "I quit."

I hadn't been able to defeat Boaz from out in the open, but I went back there just now [9/3/2003] and defeated her 5 times out of 6 tries out in the open with about 40% health at the end each time [No MedPacks used].

The same thing that worked for me in the corner works even better out in the open.

The Left and Right Arrow keys make the character (Lara or Kurtis) turn to the left or right. But when they are targeting an enemy, they don't turn, they stay facing the enemy and, while circling left or right, close with the enemy. Many have complained about the control problems, trying to move a character with a weapon drawn and targeting an enemy, but here is a way to take advantage of it.

You can practice the moves with a safe enemy like the knight in the Hall of Seasons. Normally you just ignore him, but for practice, approach him with the shotgun drawn. As Lara targets him, fire and circle. Lara takes no damage and fires at point blank range. It takes about 3 shotgun blasts to knock the knight down. Then just back up a few steps and wait for him to get up and be targeted again, then fire and circle again.

It works just as well with Kurtis and the Proto. Have Kurtis face the Proto with his weapon drawn. He doesn't have to move. Just wait for the Proto to approach and be targeted, then fire and circle. Once the two are spinning around together, Kurtis will take no more damage, and, firing at point blank range, it takes fewer shots to down the Proto. When the Proto goes down, back away a few steps, prepared to fire if Kurtis targets it again before it climbs up into the vent to reappear again. When the Proto comes back again, repeat the firing and circling. It takes very few shots for the subsequent encounters.

With Boaz, where Kurtis stands at the beginning of the level, draw the weapon and run toward Boaz. As soon at he targets her face, start firing, and when she starts spraying goo, keep firing and hold the Left or Right Arrow key depending on which pod is spraying. In my six attempts just now she always sprayed from her left side first.

Kurtis will get knocked down, but he will get up firing and moving to the side. Once one side is taken out, just stand still and wait for Boaz to turn her face toward him and be targeted, then start firing and circling in the direction of the spraying pod. End may be necessary to switch targets. It does work.

In The Vault of Trophies, in the room with the knights, Lara can jump up on that table just to the right of the entrance. If she is too close, she will jump over the table, but from the right distance back, she can land on the table. With Lara on the table, the knights can't hurt her. They will both come to the table, and having two targets to shoot at, she can practice switching between them. I used the Rigg 09, firing at the one that was closest. As he was knocked back and the other one came closer, I switched to fire at him. You can just fire continuously, switching back and forth between the two knights with the End key. It does work. After knocking the knights down twice, they disappear, and Lara is free to explore the room.

My best was 337 rounds to dispose of both knights, but then I had picked up that respawning clip in Von Croy's apartment 200 times (400 clips, 3600 rounds -- effectively unlimited pistol ammo).

Rosie, don't give up. We have faith that you can do it.

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