View Full Version : Demos!

11th Sep 2003, 09:33
Pleeeze send me in a demo ov TR1 'cos my network won't let me on to downloads! send it to ggctuk@yahoo.co.uk

11th Sep 2003, 16:42
im sending it right now, and ive included a few notes to get the sound working if youve got winME.

hope you get it, if you don't PM me and ill do another

have fun:D

26th Sep 2003, 12:07
I thought I said "I can't download!"
Pleeze send me a .zip.doc version. Do this:

Get the demo (e.g tombraid.zip)
Then add to the end of the file, without erasing the ".zip" .doc
send it to the e-mail address above.