View Full Version : Janos was once known as Mordoc

Adrian Tepes
11th Sep 2003, 08:53
It turns out that Janos has actually made his vampiric presence known in Hollywood.
My Best Friend Is A Vampire (http://www.x-entertainment.com/articles/0831/)
I actually saw this movie years ago and kinda liked it.:D :p :cool:

Umah Bloodomen
11th Sep 2003, 20:45
Hahhaha! Man, do I love the 80's. :D

24th Sep 2003, 10:42
hey,isn't he also that shap shifter in deep space 9?
he kinda looks the same

Adrian Tepes
24th Sep 2003, 14:09
Yep, He's that lovable shapeshifter Odo.:p