View Full Version : i need help!!!!

11th Sep 2003, 01:34
i just got back from overseas and i just bought ts2. im stuck on the atom smasher level. i've diffused the first three bombs, but i cant find the fourth one any where! i'm just running around the level until the time runs out! could someone please help me?!?!

11th Sep 2003, 02:27
Here are the bomb locations:

Just after the beginning off the main path
On the main path just before the stairs
In a room on the side of the long hallway after the stairs
In the large room with the crates
At the top of the ramps just after the large room with the fourth bomb

The Fifth Bomb is on Normal and Hard Only

12th Sep 2003, 05:18
You must be doing what I did, which was that I missed the bomb that you use the magnet thing for in the passage beyond the fire. Remember that the last bomb should be the one before the long steam pipes.

Have Fun!