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11th Sep 2003, 01:09
Ebay has the C3 on sale for 49.99. That is quite a lot for a game. I believe the last commando games went for 39.95 or close to that.
Does anyone knows if this info is correct ,or not.
The auction on Ebay has 48 games available, but I haven't found out if you had to wait or not...

11th Sep 2003, 07:21
Hey ! with these kind of prices, I really will have to take a gamble or keep checking with you guys if you are having problems, before I buy C3.
Reason is that I tried to install C2 again, and couldn't :eek:
Some error with music or something. Also, I was surprised not to see a tech forum for commandos...
Am I blind?
is there one somewhere?
Okay. that's enought for now...:cool:

12th Sep 2003, 02:14
all tech stuff is in the game forum that it relates too unless its been shifted to the archives

12th Sep 2003, 10:35
Originally posted by sean1007
Also, I was surprised not to see a tech forum for commandos...

I think we can handle tech questions in regular forum. Maybe we'll make one if there is a desperate need for it (but I don't think it will be).

24th Sep 2003, 17:35
at amazon.co.uk you can get Commandos 3 for
£22.49 + about £3 p&p
so about £25 for the lot

24th Sep 2003, 18:14
at amazon.co.uk the game costs about 23 £.
i dont think that is to bad, in norway it will cost twice as much when it gets in the stores.


25th Sep 2003, 00:50
hey,welcome to the forums anita :)

so ebgames have it for 49.99USD "http://www.ebgames.com/ebx/product/235157.asp" but u get free c2 if you are preordering it ;)

chips and bits has it for 39.95 (www.chipsbits.com)

well so i hope to get it for about 70+/-10 dollars.( cuz i live in canada everything is higher)

15th Oct 2003, 22:55
But did not buy it....
50 bucks + tax, means 53 dollars for a pc game...
I have bought so many of those games without checking first and got burned.. So this time I took a pass.
I will check next week if they have moved lots of them. or if people are just not buying...
I found C2 under 10 dollars tho, and took it home. Since I had not been able to replace my scrathed copy...