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10th Sep 2003, 23:45
Did anyone get their DVD yet? They said it'd be sent out May, then June, and now early September. Well, it's almost mid-September and I've been waiting for months now.

Also, does anyone know when they're sending out another Email?

4th Oct 2003, 17:20
Yeah i've been wondering the same thing, its now october and i have yet to see a dvd. Whats up wit Dat?

4th Oct 2003, 17:36
They were already sent out, but no one got them yet. Big Kev (Kevin Gill) said over at BYW DTTAH Neoseeker Forum that:
Lastly, but not least, is the DVD. I feel bad about this whole thing. This was originally planned to go out months ago, and it kept getting moved back to allow some really great games like Deus Ex, and Legacy of Kain time to get their new trailers done, so they can be on the disc too.

they did ship last week, but since we're mailing out tens of thousands of DVD's, it goes a special rate mail that runs a little slower than regular mail. I'm real curious when they will get in your hands though. And for whatever it's worth, the plan was to get this to you when promised. It got delayed to give you some extra flavor, but it's just way overdue.... I am truly sorry about that.

It's him, if you don't believe me, then check out the last email sent out. So we should be getting it soon.

15th Oct 2003, 04:02
yeah i got the DVD like 3 or 4 days ago...... deffinatly woulda been WAY!!!! cooler if it came before i played tha game

since i've been waitin for tha game the preview was already old news..... and since the promotional video was on the game as well... when i opened the packaging all i got that was new and fresh was

dvd quality homies video the punk rock 101 video (not even a punk rock fan but it was a funny video)

and most of the game previews were already on tha game'

i still give it an 8 outa 10

Since now i can show tha game to people without a ps2 or x-box and let them at least see what they are missing

peace and eidos is still numbah 1 in my book

Dingo Tha Hatchet Dawg

Lorren K
15th Oct 2003, 20:54
i got mine the day the game came out, still cool

16th Oct 2003, 01:10
I finally just got mine today! 5 months late, but I still got it.

4th Nov 2003, 18:58
So what's with the DVD? Consider me stupid. I just got BYW about two weeks ago and I didn't know anything about a DVD.

15th Nov 2003, 01:58
im depressed i filled out the form for the dang dvd as soon as i could like right after the site went up and i still havent got my dvd yet whats up wit that.