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10th Sep 2003, 22:04
This may have already been asked and answered, if so, forgive me. Does anyone know if there are plans to release DX2 for the Mac. And soon, I hope???



11th Sep 2003, 02:38
As of May 18th there were no plans for a mac port. Source (http://www.ionstorm.com/forum/viewthread.asp?forum=AMB%5FAP619612110&id=13931&sr1=port&sr2=&ExMth=no#post14067).

It's certainly possible that if DX2 sells well enough on the PC and Xbox then someone will start work on a port. That would probably be a long way off, though.

11th Sep 2003, 05:21
My friend just bought a g5.

Guess it'll run photoshop real great.


11th Sep 2003, 07:32
I adore my computer, but this gaming haiatus it inflicts upon is gonna drive me nuts! About how long does the transfer usually take?


11th Sep 2003, 09:40
a PC runs PS great already.... what resolutions do you work on?

and.... transfer? to mac? like picasso said, it depends on the sales and the market, whether there's any demand for it

11th Sep 2003, 16:30
I started on PCs, but was infected with maciac a few years ago. I regret the gaming limits, though I rarely am at the crest of the wave and thus experience few. Only thh very best games get ported to the mac.

I use one especially as I am a musician and they are extremley good for us. Finale (a music notation program) is much more user friendly on a mac than a windows box.

But, DX came out for mac, I played it all on there. Is it that they feel the return was insufficient that they do not automatically port it over? I am not trying to guilt or nudge, but Blizzard did mac right up front with Warcraft III. Why would they not for DX2?


11th Sep 2003, 16:59
I suppose if a company such as Aspyr Media offerred to buy the rights for a port of the game, we might see one eventually. Otherwise ... :(

Frost Giant
11th Sep 2003, 17:24
Hello Catman,
I know this is off topic. However, is it possible for you to post a portrait of yourself so that we may gaze upon the splendor that is Catman? So that we can know the face of the one to whom we owe our gratitude for managing this fine forum? Thank you.:cool:

11th Sep 2003, 18:20
In that case, I will be crossing my fingers in that direction. I have been thrilled about this game since I heard a rumor that it might exsist someday.

*dreamy sigh*


12th Sep 2003, 07:37
I was wondering : how do you play DX1 with a one-button mouse?

even with 3 buttons anas the wheel, I would have liked to add other commands on the mouse.

12th Sep 2003, 08:25
Well, with a one-button mouse, you use a command click and other combinations. However, my mac sports a 5 button mouse. I confess that it is much better and easier that way.


12th Sep 2003, 08:35

the only real thing i hate about the mac is the mouse... i cant work in PS with just one bloody button

12th Sep 2003, 18:41
Yes, it is hard. Mine came with a one button optical mouse... and on the same day I purchased my iMac, I bought a five button optical with a wheel.

I makes all my games easier and lets me do so much more. The only hard thing, really, about a Mac and DX was that you had to run it in OS 9 or classic.

Run it in 9, you have to reboot (I spend all my time in X, of course). But even worse is in classic (think faux 9, kinda like Windows 2000 mickey mouse DOS). It runs, and it convenient, but the lighting is so scewed that when it is dark, there is nothing you can do about it. I mean, the DT sword won't light your path, your aumentations (at least, the original flashlight) won't illumin your way, and the flares are just a pretty spot.

I can be played there, but it is a pain and a good way to die a stupid death. My main hope, assuming that DX2 makes it to the Mac is for it to be native to OS X.


15th Sep 2003, 10:47
do you think I can ask for DX to be ported for my Game Boy?

(If I am persuasive enough, maybe?)

15th Sep 2003, 18:56
I am a very naive person. So, are you being serious, or following the signature and being ironic. And, that being the case, are you mocking me?


16th Sep 2003, 07:47
actually I was half serious.
after all, doom has been ported on GB advance, so I think it's only a matter of time before a portable console is robust enough to play DX1

and no, I was not mocking you.

16th Sep 2003, 19:17
Ok, then. I wish you the best with your GB.

But, with it becoming so much more rebust, won't you have to buy a new one?


17th Sep 2003, 07:34
all things in their own time. first they adapt DX1 to GB, THEN I'll see if I buy a new one.

17th Sep 2003, 12:20
Although, does this mean that DX is the only game that you would 'upgrade' for??


17th Sep 2003, 12:35
I can actually only think of 5 games I would upgrade for, and DX1 is on top of the list

(the 4 other been, in no particular order, Diablo 2, Zelda (any), Final fantasy(any), and Heroes of Might and magic (2, 3, or 4))

17th Sep 2003, 20:46
I'm fairly sure that Zelda is already out on gameboy. How can you play DX with only the four directional buttons, a and b?:confused:

18th Sep 2003, 07:39
Yes There has been One Zelda on GB (unless they released a second one, but all I can remember was a new version of "Link's awakening").

but there are many more on other platforms.

and DX with 2 buttons (and select and start) would need MAJOR rethinking. maybe if you put the inventory on select and access everything from there. (that would be annoying, if you want to toggle Augs, but why not)

22nd Sep 2003, 00:38
Originally posted by exo
My friend just bought a g5.

Aint that the one that falsified all its speed tests?