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9th Sep 2003, 21:50
Which shooting games do you think have raised the bar and why do you pick them specifically? Are there any future shooters coming out that you think will raise the bar even higher?

Merces Letifer
10th Sep 2003, 20:10
Half-Life 2 obviously, with its graphics alone. The physics engine looks like the most realistic and relevant to gameplay(IE, shooting the support on a shelf so the pile of wood on top will fall down and kill the enemies below it) physics to date. Of course DX2 uses the same engine, but we have 20 days until HL-2 and an unknown amount until DX:IW. If they pull it right, the storyline might be great as well.

10th Sep 2003, 22:15
Oh man, I can hardly stand the wait for HL2!!! Only 20 more days.... can we wait that long?
I'm also itching to play Doom 3 and that also goes for Halo 2, which improved the genre leaps and bounds as far as I'm concerned. You can also add Ghost Recon, Splinter Cell, Battlefield 1942 and the Grand Theft Auto series to my list of most innovative shooters. I don't know how "innovative" RTCW would be considered, but I simply have so much fun with that game that I have to add it just for sentimental purposes. I suppose the maps are so well-done that you could say it has raised the bar for level design.

As for future titles, there are many sequels to look forward to that are going to raise the standards, but the one non-sequel title that has me most intrigued is Kill Switch (http://www.killswitch.com/). For a console shooter, it looks remarkably well-done. The A.I. is supposedley going to be superior to the usual level and it's going to incorporate a predominant use of blind cover-fire tactics that other shooters don't. Not to mention the fact that it looks so damn cool;


So, what other shooters are you playing?

11th Sep 2003, 19:13
Here's the list I have so far;

Shooters I Have:


Ghost Recon
Splinter Cell
007 Nightfire
The Thing
Hitman 2
Time Splitters 2
Unreal Championship
Max Payne
Indiana Jones: Emperor’s Tomb
Return To Castle Wolfenstein
Enter The Matrix
Brute Force
Dead To Rights
Conflict: Desert Storm


GTA Vice City
SOCOM Navy Seals
Medal of Honor Frontline
The Getaway
Metal Gear Solid 2
Time Splitters
Unreal Tournament


Metroid Prime
Resident Evil Zero
Sum Of All Fears


RTCW Tides of War
Medal Of Honor Allied Assault / Spearhead
Battlefield 1942 / Road To Rome
Soldier of Fortune 2
Rainbow Six 3
Iron Storm
Redneck Rampage
Tomb Raider III

Shooters to get:

Kill Switch
Halo 2
Deus Ex 2
Half Life 2
S.W.A.T. Global Strike Team
DX: Invisible War
Metal Gear Solid 3
Max Payne 2
Hitman 3

12th Sep 2003, 07:27
Shooters to get:

Kill Switch
Halo 2
Deus Ex 2
Half Life 2
S.W.A.T. Global Strike Team
DX: Invisible War
Metal Gear Solid 3
Max Payne 2
Hitman 3

Did I just read Deus Ex 2 AND Deus Ex : Invisible war?

12th Sep 2003, 20:19
yeah ~ I never did get to play Deus Ex. I rented it once and didn't get past even the first scene. I just had too many other games I was playing at the time and the graphics in Deus Ex were so bad compared to other games that were out at the time. I'm much more excited about DX2 because I think the game will look much better than the first. Same with Half-Life. I got to play HL on PS2 and the graphics were kind of pathetic in that game too, but the gameplay was so good that I went ahead and played it to the part when you have to fight that big three-headed creature.

16th Sep 2003, 08:33
I think alot of games really have done alot for the gaming industry. Are we talking FPS's specifically, or the gaming industry on the whole?

Ill list a few I think made big impacts, and why.

System Shock 2
One of (maybe THE) first games to combine RPG elements with FPS elements. Also probably one of the first FPS games to really create strong atmosphere and make the player feel like they are really there. The RPG-FPS combination possibly pushed along the idea for deus ex to use a similar idea. No doubt seeing it work well in the past contributed alot i'd say. All though I didnt particularly like that game much, theres no doubts that it madea big impact.

Their was the first FPS that I recall to really incorperate stealth in a quality way, as well as realistic lighting. The ability to hide in shadows by creating them, and using stealth to avoid confrontation rather then jumping into it, are elements which now play a large part in alot of action games. Hitman 2, Splinter cell, and Invisible war spring to mind as games that have evolved from this concept. Today quite a few such games have some form of stleath factor. Again i didnt love the game, but it was quite revolutionary.

Nomad soul
This was an interesting game which actually had multiple interfaces. In some parts it worked like a traditional fighting game (ala Dead or alive), on other places it went to a 3rd person action/adventure game, and other times it became a first person shooter. The story and setting were futuristic, yet very unique, and the multiple perspectives all managed to fit together pretty well. Although I only ever played the demo, it game teh chance to experience each of these perspectives, and was one of the most original games I have played.

Deus Ex
Deus Ex didnt entirely make any particularly revolutionary concepts, but it borrowed many, and made them all work together. It borrowed the concept of the FPS-RPG from system shock, stealth elements from theif, and dialogue systems similar to those of adventure games. It also brough factors like hacking (also a big introduction in system shock). One thing that half life did well was interactivity. Almost anything in the world could be used in some way, whether it be turnign on taps, opening a shower door, pickign up bodies, scaring away pigeons, buying soft drinks from a machine, playing basketball, etc. It also had an extremely immersive storyline and atmosphere, and (some) user control over which way the game went. It also managed to make every character feel important, and featured heavy use of massive envorinments. Although maps were separated, you really did tend to feel like you were walking from one street in china to another, not just into another map. Then there was the idea of augs, which is now makign its way to other games like chrome. The union of so many different ideas really made deus ex a 'different' game, and gave it a real diversity, possibly coming closer to creating a real world then any other game (at least that i know of).

The Need for Speed
One of the first 'realistic' racing games, the first need for speed game had amazing graphics (at the time), realistic physics (by the times standards) and detailed information about cars, including 360 interior views, images, specs and videos of each. It included police car chases, but didnt allow you to drive any. As each new game of the series was released, it seemed to get less and less realistic, but always managed to come out with something new. In the second game it allowed you to drive police cars, and introduced very funky weather effects, etc. I don't know if any series has doen more for the racing genre. Porsche Unleashed remains a very realistic game interms of handling characteristics and the like. Also created a huge following with an almost eternal amount of downloadable tracks and cars

Counter strike needs no introduction. Based on halflife, the mod created a cult following, and became possible the most popular online game of all time. I don't know if it is even possible to count the amount of clones that have since been released. The simple mod became an official add on for halflife.

Day of defeat was the first FPS game to really take a serious attempt at simulating WW2 fighting. It started soemwhat basic and simple, and after a few optimisations became quite a solid experience. IMHO it is more enjoyable then even CS. The whole WW2 theme had not really been done befrore in this manner, and it gave thigns a whole new perspective adn realy made it intresting. Like CS, a million DOD 'clones' are now circulating, from RTCW to Medal of Honor, they are all piling in. There was another part-FPS game to take the WW2 approach, but unfortunately i cant remember the name. It was released before DOD.

C&C/Total annihalation/Homeworld
C&C is another game i never particularly liked, but was one of the first qualtiy RTS games. Most RTS games today emulate C&C in some way, whether its the interface or the unit selection. Total Annihalation was the fitst RTS (i think) to use polygons in the units and also the maps. This created REAL hills and mountains, and units which really animated, rather then jsut manipulating sprites. Homeworld was one of the forst fully 3D RTS games, and also took on a new perspective, as it added 360 degree movement.

Wing Commander
The wing commander series was one of the first space flight sims. Everytime a wing commander game was released, it was one of the best looking games on earth. They had good stories, and hours of video, which meant it was like watching a movie and playing a game at once. We now have several clones, from descent freespace to Iwar (not the deus ex sequel one). A very influential game.

How could anyone leave out this one? This game, for years, was a testament of power. People dreamed of owning a computer powerful enough to run wolfenstein. I recall the dissaopintment knowing my EGA 286 wasnt powerful enough. It created the FPS, and there is a good chance that the genre would never have existed without it. The whole "First Person Perspective" was an ingenious idea, and I think we owe this all to Wolfenstein.

I have no doubts there are other games that have been major factors in the gaming industry, but i think these are soem of the biggies. My apologies if I have left and big ones out (as i no doubt have).

God damn Terrorists
23rd Sep 2003, 21:42
"My Current Games"
1. Deus Ex
2.Unreal 1& 2
3.Halflife& all addons-
8.I.G.I 2
9.All of the Tom Clancy series
10.Tacyon,the fringe
11.Mech Warrior 3,4&Mercenaries
13.Red Faction 1&2
14.Serious sam
15.DukeNukem All-
16.S.O.F 1 & Double helix
17.G.T.AIII & ViceCity
"Game Must Haves"
5.Halo/combat evolved

Doom3 will be the set standard for the industry to come,expect
state-of-the-art technologies.Followed byDuke&Halo.