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9th Sep 2003, 17:55
Pc.ign.com has a hands-on preview of DX:IW. Here's a quick snippet, about player freedom:

Also, because of the number of choices available to the player, circumstances and situations will occur that were never even planned by the developers. For example, one tester was running from an enemy, used his increased speed to get away, then used a strength biomod to jump over a wall and into a dumpster, and then turned around, looked through the wall using enhanced vision, and shot the enemy through the wall. And all of this was part of a solution that the designers at Ion Storm had never even thought of.

The full story here (http://pc.ign.com/articles/437/437267p1.html)

There are interesting images there. We can see a Grey, and a good shot of the HUD as well (looking great ;) ). It also has some movies.


9th Sep 2003, 18:16
He shot him throught the wall of the dumpster. Can anybody else say Cool!!!!!!

9th Sep 2003, 19:36

11th Sep 2003, 12:34
If you can shoot through walls it would be alot easier in game play as assult guns are my favorite weapon (when they have had 6 mag upgrades) so this will make things more interesting.


11th Sep 2003, 13:00
I wonder if shooting trough walls is dependant on weapon type... i think it should be, so as to avoid munchkinism.

That is *if* shooting trough walls is in... the ign reporter could've gotten the worng impression (that would be a riot).

11th Sep 2003, 15:03
there are actually some existing weapons that can kill someone through a wall, but they are more in the sniper Rifle range.

I think a pistol just doesn't give the bullet enough velocity to make it pass through a wall (even with a Uranium bullet. and besides I don't think someone can fire a Uranium bullet with a handgun)

11th Sep 2003, 15:12
Only if its heavilly modified... but then again, this being the videogame world i'm sure someone could come up with something.

Perhaps a very modified bullet tip penetrator could have a tungsten/uranium in real life...? I don't know.

17th Sep 2003, 20:31
Uranium is less than 2 times as as dense as Lead, and could easily be propelled from a handgun provided the powder charge is compensated for. One would also need to concern themselves with overpressuring the chamber.


17th Sep 2003, 20:33
Of course, that's not why I visted this forum -- to answer questions about firearms or reloading. I came to this forum to find out WHEN THE HELL IS DEUS EX 2 GOING TO BE RELEASED!!!



17th Sep 2003, 20:35
I think i heard about a railgun for DX2 that could shoot through walls - that's probably what the guy was using...

18th Sep 2003, 09:27
I came to this forum to find out WHEN THE HELL IS DEUS EX 2 GOING TO BE RELEASED!!!

Coming soon.

last release date geven in an interview was end of november/beginning of December.

but still no official word

18th Sep 2003, 12:48
Thank you, my friend. After reading a recent article on Deus Ex's newly claimed flexibility I discovered a December timeframe for its release.

Keep those Depleted Uranium rounds out of your pants' pockets, ok?


18th Sep 2003, 13:14
Of course, that December date is still unofficial. Until RedLegg or Grey Mouser have the information to pass along, we're shooting in the dark. :(

22nd Sep 2003, 10:56
Originally posted by Catman
we're shooting in the dark. :( Heh Catman, was that supposed to be a pun? LOL Ta and Good Hunting!