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9th Sep 2003, 17:47
I cannot figure out how to distract with the spy. The help says I have to left-click on the soldier I want to distract. I tried the lieutenant and officer uniforms but if I left-click on a soldier then the spy goes to him and happens nothing...

thanks for the help in advance


9th Sep 2003, 18:02
I assume that you're talking about Commandos 2? Press the hotkey "s" then click on one of the soldiers.

9th Sep 2003, 18:25
Sorry! I forgot to say that it is the Commandos 3 demo.

plz put this back to C3

9th Sep 2003, 19:14
Ah ok :)

See this http://home.pi.be/~turkyen5/c3demo.jpg

9th Sep 2003, 19:39
Thanks for the pic, but how can I speak to enemy soldiers to distract them? I dont't get that "speak symbol" what u have on the screenshot. should I press any keys?

9th Sep 2003, 19:41

I got it!!!!!!!!!!!!!


10th Sep 2003, 23:48
hey andy, am i right that you are from neowin forums? soz if not :)

14th Sep 2003, 18:49
Hi David!

It is another Andy You know from the neowin formus.
It is my first forum :)

14th Sep 2003, 22:04
ohh,ok..sorry mein komeraden.
just his question there was almost the same.

14th Oct 2003, 21:41
Is there a key I am supposed to use to Distract the enemy? The help file says all I have to do is to left-click on an enemy to distract them, but all my Spy does is walk to the location. Using the "s" key doesn't work either. Am I missing something simple here?


17th Oct 2003, 01:15
Originally posted by m_c_andy

I got it!!!!!!!!!!!!!

THX!!!!! if you (or anyone else for that matter) could be so kind as to explain to the rest of us out there who doesnt understand how to distract soldiers, how to do this, since the pic at least didnt help me at all, except showing what icon i should have, this thread would actually be of use to more than 1 person. In advance, thx for your cooperation

17th Oct 2003, 18:07
Just so this thread finally has an answer, in Commandos 3, to Distract an enemy with the Spy, you have to select the Spy and then right-click on what I think is called the Action button on his interface. This is the same button that will show whether or not he is wearing an enemy uniform or not (you may see a coat hanger on this button). Just right-click on it and the other available options (including Distract) will appear and you can click on it. This works the same was as how you choose a weapon. If you right-click on the weapon button then you can select between the Fist and the Syringe. Sorry if this is vague but the manual doesn't seem to give an "official" name for what the button is. Once you have Distracted an enemy, you may be able to give them additional orders. To do this, click on the Distract button again and now you can click on an area in the game window and the enemy soldier will look where you click.

18th Oct 2003, 20:38
thx for replying.
i found this out myself while me and 2 others tried finding out, and one of them clicked the wrong button and the option appeared.

15th Jul 2009, 21:51
hey andy i didnt understand wher's the interface is ???? plzz guide me amd also tell me the way how i can distract the enemy by spy ??? plzz help me out of this

16th Jul 2009, 10:41
can any one plzz tell me how i can distract the enemy soldier by spy ???

17th Jul 2009, 09:29

how about that last right icon on the bottom bar, with the chattering soldiers like gfx?